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Masking of PWBs prior to conformal coat

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 19 16:43:05 EDT 2006 | samir

Silicone-based coatings "repel" most foreign,non-compatible materials like peelable solder mask, and rubber or vinyl boots. The result is, uncured material around the vicinity of where the boot was. Trust me. Been there and done that. As a rookie

Screen printing warped boards

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 20 13:55:31 EDT 2006 | cyber_wolf

Here is the problem : We have 2 AP25 printers with dedicated tooling. After we run side one boards through reflow, we get some warpage in our boards occasionally.(Sometimes we get a lot of warp depending on the geometries of the substrate) When the

Tip life of soldering irons with lead-free (SAC305)

Electronics Forum | Tue May 02 12:07:26 EDT 2006 | Sheldon Stewart (Process Engineer)

I am curious if everyone else is seeing the same dramatically reduced tip life with lead-free that I am? We have purchased new irones with controlled temperatures up to 800F. We are doing more hand soldering on our lead-free at the present while wait

Carbon Ink vs Immersion Gold for key pads.

Electronics Forum | Wed May 03 15:00:44 EDT 2006 | patrickbruneel

It all depends on process, design and environment in which the contacts are used. Both have excellent conductivity characteristics Both don't oxidize over time On the other hand gold is much softer then carbon, and after hitting that contact a gazil

Issues with No Clean Resdue??

Electronics Forum | Thu May 11 15:11:14 EDT 2006 | patrickbruneel

I assume you talk about wave soldering. No-clean fluxes are widely used since 1987 or earlier and after all these years they have proven to be reliable. If you clean the board or not the dust bunnies etc. will still reach the board surface. If you us

Changing a wave over to lead free

Electronics Forum | Thu May 18 03:36:38 EDT 2006 | Grant

Hi, We are about to change our wave over to lead free solder, and it's a Soltec Deltawave, which uses about 750 KG of solder. Our supplier is recommending we change the bath over, however that seems a bit extreme. They are concerned we won't get ri

Farewell to All!

Electronics Forum | Sat May 20 09:54:43 EDT 2006 | smartasp

Hi Guys What a wonderfull bunch we are. Overstressed by the senior management at HQ dreaming up some new benchmarks, processes we don't fully understand and to top it up a wife bitching at you for spending to much time with the brand new smt line yo

SMT optimization and improvement

Electronics Forum | Wed May 31 22:17:24 EDT 2006 | EC

Hi Jack, I do not know what type of machine you are using and how old is your machine. But I have this problem before using Fuji machine. There are few things cause part throw.....placment speed, feeder, pick up tolerance, part dimension tolerance,

Stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 19 17:00:39 EDT 2006 | a_laser

The most common rates of in-process cleaning (under wipe) I have encountered are once per 5 to 10 prints. But this depends a on a lot of variables. More often is typically better, but more costly in under-wipe materials. (For some more info see http:

Problems with SN100C in a Soltec Delta C Wave

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 13 04:20:21 EDT 2006 | Grant

Hi, ok, I have a bit more info after playing further with the profiling. We are getting close, but we don't have enough top side heat I think. The IR lamps just don't give enough, but we can get better connector that should help. But we have anoth

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