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UBLOX Tim-4A reflow problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 18 16:13:15 EST 2006 | darby

AJ, No overprint. We have components in very close proximity that precluded that. Also we have differing areas of thermal relief for the pads from a large backplane, from none at all to open blocks to individual pad relief. After a few more experimen

Criteria for thermocouple wire attachment

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 21 02:27:57 EST 2006 | pavel_murtishev

Good morning, (1) This depends on component type. In general it would be better to have fully populated board. Or at least you should mount components with different thermal mass. You should place TC�s at three points at least: component with high t

Flat flexible cable to PCB (RoHS assembly)

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 28 16:17:23 EST 2006 | joey_dragon

Good tidings, all. I am looking for a machine that will allow us to mount a flat flexible strip (such as TennRich's B.Type) to a row of pads on a PCB. I have not much knowledge about the process, I guess I expect to see a machine with some hot bar.

Omniflow 7 conveyor

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 15 13:49:09 EST 2007 | leemeyer

Hello all, I am having some trouble with the conveyor speed on an Omniflow 7 reflow oven. Recent profiling showed that the conveyor was running to slow so I calibrated the speed using the instructions in the manual. After calibration there was no ch

PbF PCB finish

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 05 07:02:11 EST 2007 | CL

ASIR, Findings for us so far: OSP- has worked well for us for single sided boards only. We have seen problems with using it on double sided reflow applications. Also, some customers have specified OSP, but are intolerant of exposed copper. Limited

Can someone help me on correcting CAD information on Univesal mc

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 01 16:33:57 EST 2007 | mika

The reject rate of yours could be a number of reasons. 1. Which component types are rejected? 2. From a particular nozzle? 3. If the rejected part will be dropped on the reject belt or reject bin; it suggests that there is a problem with the componen

Jammed Fuji CP65 Nozzles?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 31 09:54:52 EST 2007 | FredC

Rob, I am not a Fuji technician, but I have some knowledge on the nozzles, windmills, and headshafts. As far as I know the bore the nozzle travels in should be dry with no lube. The grease on the windmill shaft and locating pin is a special purpose g

PCB lamination issues

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 12 11:12:16 EST 2007 | davef

Q1. After reflow some boards start producing bumps/bubbles which damage the internal layers causeing PCBs failed in Electrical-testing. How can I eradicate this problem from my assembling process? A1. Find a proper board supplier. Q2. If SMT compon

SMT on Flexible circuits

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 16 06:47:38 EST 2007 | CL

vshan, We were using pallets (delmat with cavities for the flex) We put stips of double sided Kapton tape in the critical areas. The tape held up to the heat and kept the circuit flat for the QFP's and BGA's. We based our assembly process for this c

ImSn thickness

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 19 17:34:02 EST 2007 | GS

Thank You Pavel and Dave, Unfortunately I do not have IPC-4554. Anyway I 0.6-1.0umm is what I remember, and confirmed by reading also through leterature available on google. I was just going to understand if it possible to obtain more thickness

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