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Set up inspection spec for SPI machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 05 02:10:01 EDT 2018 | buckcho

Hello sir, Limits in SPI can vary a lot, also depending on finishing of the pcb. For example 170% volume on an IC (assuming is fine pitch) can be okay for ENIG, but very bad if HASL. For are I would recommend that you use either 50-130, or 60-135 max

OEM customer lawsuit

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 26 11:24:41 EDT 2018 | applebar

We are a very small EMS that has been sued by a large OEM customer. We built a board, it passed the customer supplied tester, but we had accidentally put a wrong part on it. This was discovered years after we had been placing this part. The cust


Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 24 02:40:52 EDT 2018 | bukas

first check fuses in Y1 case. thats where EuroSYS cards are, and message you get tells you that cards can not communicate with main processing board in Y3 case via RS485. after that check cables and connectors. there are 4 EuroSYS cards in Y1 case, t

Blistering and delaminating boards

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 20 07:18:42 EDT 2018 | proceng1

Has anyone else been experiencing this lately? We have had a rash of boards that come in properly vacuum sealed. We store them in the hot room until we are ready to build, and we get bubbles under the solder mask. We've had 4 different jobs, all di

How much is the exposure tolerance for PCB auto dry film?

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 28 02:48:46 EDT 2018 | teresat2

Principle A layer of photosensitive material (photosensitive oil or dry film) is applied to the copper foil on the board surface, and PCB manufacturer should be use the position is exposed by black film, This applies to most PCB factories, especially

Package rebake

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 24 02:09:34 EDT 2018 | simondsr

Hi everyone, I am new to this SMT. I have just graduated my study, have zero experience in SMT industry as I studied Automotive before. Ok lets proceed to the main objetive, I have a question regarding package rebake. From what I have learned, the

Universal Genesis Inline7

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 19 02:30:09 EST 2018 | robl

OK, so all GEM Machines & MG were built by Yamaha, and imported in to Europe & USA and other places by Philips. After a while Philips developed it's own machine - the FCM. Philips then sold off it's SMT division and it was rebranded Assembleon.

Yamaha P-tool Database

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 11 15:10:11 EST 2018 | med_cezir

Hi Everyone We setup a new smt line consisting from ys24 and ys12. When creating new programs I used stock names and added to database but after a while I recognized even if I used same package before I have to add it again because stock number is n

Assembleon Topaz L050:POWER DETECT ER LT2(50)

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 04 17:47:20 EST 2019 | arbpkevin

When I power up the machine and it finishes booting into VIOS, I normally hit the ready button to power up the drives so I can perform the origin search. Instead of "latching on" the contactors pull in, and then quickly release. If you hold down th

Small scale reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 10 22:15:58 EDT 2019 | kylehunter

So after listening to many people's options and thoughts, I have decided against novastar. There is a reseller near my office that offers full support, training, and service on used equipment. They also fully refurbish all equipment beforehand. I no

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