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After PCB CLEANING with acqueous , drying needs?

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 05 04:19:23 EDT 2000 | P.GERARDIN

We intend to promote the new PCB cleaning process with acqueous chemistry , but we face with an important demand : Do we have to dry the pcb after ? Wich is the treshold humidity content to avoid any risk for FR4 material ? Regards Pascal

Re: BGA open

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 02 11:50:58 EDT 1999 | ScottM

Could someone shares their experience on the causes of 'Open' in the BGA after reflow. Insufficient solderpaste. "No flux" (sat too long after print). Those are what I've experienced. Cheers, Scott

Re: stencil condition

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 07 08:13:33 EST 1999 | Earl Moon

What kind of equipment are you using to gauge the thickness of your stencil after it's used for some months? How to determin the condition of the stencil? Your input is much appreciated. Ken Mok, based in Shenzhen, China. Overarm micr

Why Dry After DI?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 06 18:52:10 EDT 1998 | Dave F

Aside from process flows where the next step is: 1 Powering-up an assembly 2 Testing the assembly on electronic test equipment Is there a reason (need) to dry assemblies after water washing followed by a DI water rinse? Or is air drying OK? Dave F

BGA Pad Dressing After Removal Method

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 03 17:40:52 EDT 1998 | Dave F

What methods do people use to dress pads after removing and before replacing the BGA? We use solder wick and a soldering iron, focusing on not "dragging" the wick across vias. This is laborous and booring. Who has a better way? Dave F

Re: BGA Pad Dressing After Removal Method

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 07 19:52:09 EDT 1998 | Gary Miller

after you have removed the solder from the pads you can reapply solder psate onto the pads using a single site stencil printer from Mini Micro Stencil.

Cleaning Asm. After using noclean flux

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 18 11:53:29 EST 1998 | Mike Masters

Is there anyone out there required by their customer to clean the finget tab contacts even after using noclean paste? We have been asked to clean even though we don't have any flux residue on the contacts. Any ideas? Mike

After market preheaters for Electrovert wave machine(s)

Electronics Forum | Tue May 07 10:32:13 EDT 2002 | Todd M. Troyer

Does any one know where I can get after-market preheaters for an Electrovert Econopak II SMT wave?

MELF component short togehter

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 13 03:15:01 EDT 2002 | jkhiew

Hi Jax, After component placement, all melf diodes being checked & found no touching each other. Unfortunately, after reflow those MELFs are shorted.

How old is old?

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 20 17:21:47 EDT 2002 | davef

A thread os "old" when it drops off the page. So, "age" depends of the 'forum', for example: * 'Production Forum' threads currently drop off the page after about 12 days. * Other forum threads drop off the page after 30 days.

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