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Aged Solder Paste

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 04 16:34:47 EST 1998 | Peter Van der Zee

Can anyone help with advice on the possibility of "rejuvinating" aged solder paste for SMT applications. Thanks!

Stencil deformation patterns

Electronics Forum | Mon May 21 20:45:01 EDT 2018 | jacobidiego

Honestly, I wonder the same. Is it Age the only variable to this? I can not reduce ageing.

X5R dielectric aging

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 01 22:56:39 EDT 2009 | davef

Reflow soldering de-ages the capacitors. Two things may be affecting your testing. * Capacitance measurements are often erratic during testing for about 10 hours after de-aging. * Test limits should be set so that the capacitance value is within the

smd capacitors- ICT measuring

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 18 09:51:53 EDT 2013 | rway

If they're 1 1/2 years old, they are definitely aged parts. Either send them back for newer or widen your tolerances on the ICT to compensate. You are at the 3rd decade now (10,000 hours) and you will need to compensate for this. These parts are n

Solder Shelf Life

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 20 09:03:18 EST 2001 | moseschee

Hi, I'm looking for research/study done on solder shelf life by using accelerated aging process ( steam age or dry air oven bake at 150C & etc ) Perhaps you could help to advise correlation of all this acceleration test to actual solder shelf life

Re: Aged Solder Paste

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 08 17:39:57 EDT 1998 | Wayne Bracy

| Can anyone help with advice on the possibility | of "rejuvinating" aged solder paste | for SMT applications. | Thanks! Peter: One might be wise to control the purchasing cycle of your solder paste and work with a vendor that can supply you quantit

Steam Aging of ENIG

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 15 10:48:23 EST 2004 | gopinath A

I heard that Steam Aging (storage) tests would be inappropriate for gold finishes. Is this a correct statement? If so, what are the reasons? How bad is the shelf life of ENIG

Tin Whisker Testing

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 11 14:10:51 EDT 2005 | Amol

Hi, I have a very basic question for tin whisker testing. Do I thermal cycle/age the Components only or solder them to a ckt board and then thermal cycle/age the PCB assembly??

Cover tape tearing

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 15 19:49:23 EST 2005 | Liza

Hi GS, I forgot...coming from what you said about aging, the complaints we received come from products that were processed 3-6 months ago. Based on your experiment, should this age affect the quality of the seal? Thanks a lot, Liza

PCB Cleaning Challenges.

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 03 01:49:03 EDT 2020 | kathleen123

Please try to use the steam aging tester and make a try ! When the water temp up to +100℃, Put your new model into the water tank. This +100℃ hot and steam water may remove the paste in via hole. Thank you. https://www.wewontech.com/steam-aging-

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