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agilent SJ 50 series 2 series 3 difference

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 02 08:14:27 EST 2007 | accurex

Can any one guide what is the difference between the Series 2 and Series 3 of agilent aoi sj50 system.

agilent SJ 50 series 2 series 3 difference

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 12 11:04:28 EST 2007 | pekantol

Series 3 have 4 mpix.camera,series 2 have only 2 mpix. Also series 3 have better algorithms.

Agilent SJ5000 AOI Password request

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 30 16:20:29 EDT 2014 | sumote

I purchased this AOI at an auction, and the passwords were not included. Does anyone know the default passwords for this machine?

Agilent sj50

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 30 06:19:00 EDT 2014 | pmcg

We use a few SJ50 so ask away.

Agilent SJ10 experience

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 12 10:20:27 EDT 2011 | dilogic

If you can share your thoughts and experience with Agilent's SJ10 AOI, I would be very thankful. - Deni

Agilent sj50

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 22 17:57:36 EDT 2014 | rdubya

anybody work with this equipment? We bought one at auction and I have some questions about it.

Agilent SJ-50 series 3 Internal error crashes

Electronics Forum | Wed May 06 17:41:07 EDT 2009 | wbaldwin

We seem to get "internal Error" crashes everytime we change programs on the series 3 Agilent SJ-50 AOI machines, as well as random crashes during inspection. Was just wondering if any other users out there are experiencing the same things, and if th

CRTech/ Photon Dynamics & Support

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 26 22:56:54 EDT 2003 | adlsmt

Any opinions on YesTech? I will have a deomo in a week. Comparing to a Agilent SJ-10. Anything should beat Agilent. They rolled over on us after the merger. They are the worst supplier I have ever delt with.

Agilent SJ Series AOI

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 18 06:55:48 EDT 2005 | jaks

I have written software that will log inspection results from the Agilent SJ series AOI machines. It is a standalone package including graphical repair station software. There are 3 output formats. Two text formats and a direct access database write.

A.O.I recommendation

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 14 10:48:03 EDT 2005 | Paul

We evaluated several machines a couple of years ago and ended up selecting an Agilent SJ50. Fast machine but very limited on joint inspection. Also does not detect missing components reliably which you would normally take as a given on an AOI system.

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