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White Hazing under the solder mask of a through hole board

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 08 08:16:45 EST 2003 | davef

We saw this quite a bit, I want to say 5 or 6 years ago, but it's probably more like 10 years ago. It's caused by poor solder mask crue. Talk to your board fabricator about solutions.

MPM SPM Supplies

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 22 18:34:09 EST 2007 | Cmiller

I dug out my old info, the "quick-flex" tooling upgrade was $2750.00 about 6 years ago and you can upgrade the software to show you where to place the pins I guess for another $750.00 with a 10% discount for buying both. That was awhile ago.

Re: Hot-Air Leveling.

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 12 00:21:02 EDT 1998 | Scott McKee

| Hello, | Some time ago before I was a

Re: Hot-Air Leveling.

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 12 00:15:44 EDT 1998 | Scott McKee

| Hello, | Some time ago before I was a

SMT packages that can solder inverted?

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 22 09:21:21 EDT 2003 | russ

Search the Archives, Dave F I believe posted the formula not to long ago. Russ

Omniflo motor

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 03 11:08:34 EST 2005 | Slow Ride

It's your brushes. Had the same thing happen not too long ago. Also, fill that gear box.


Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 29 08:16:42 EST 2006 | cyber_wolf

HA ! Yes I fixed it a couple days ago. It was too much air pressure causing it.

Seeking very low volume production reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Wed May 24 10:30:27 EDT 2006 | slthomas

I learned that from Mrs. Pauls about 40 years ago.

Black pad

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 18 15:13:28 EDT 2011 | blnorman

STI is now at 261 Palmer Road Madison, AL (moved a couple of years ago).

Winamp RIP

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 20 17:19:36 EST 2013 | davef

Sorry to see an old friend go away. A couple of weeks ago, Lou Reed passed away. Now this ...

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