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Used SMT Equipment | Air / Vaccuum

DEK VF35 Vacuum, Issue 4,  For Use with DEK Screen Printers, includes Hose VERY CLEAN, TESTED AND WORKING!     110-120V     50-60HZ

Toronto Surplus & Scientific

Hakko FR-1418

Hakko FR-1418

Used SMT Equipment | Repair/Rework

HAKKO FR-1418 BGA Rework Station Vintage: 2015 (Refurbished 2016) Fully Functional & Tested Power: 208V Single Zone High Density Preheat 1500W (12" x 10") Automatic-Z w/ PC Control 2kW Top Heater Pan and Tilt Mirror Two 500W IR

LEL Tech

YesTech Yestech YTV-FX

YesTech Yestech YTV-FX

Used SMT Equipment | AOI / Automated Optical Inspection

Vintage: 2012  YTV-FX 5 cameras: • 1 Top Down Camera • 4 Side Angle Cameras Four Side Angled cameras Camera Type: 25 micron Thin Camera Dual direction auto width conveyor Pass / fail signals Board clamping system Max PCB = 22

Petlock Incorporated

Ersa ETS 330

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Wave

Working width: 330 mm (13") Solder module: Type: lead-free double wave solder module Solder volume: approx. 390 kg (860 lb.) LEADFREE approx. 335 kg (739 lb.) lead-free alloy Warm-up time: approx. 2.5 h Preheating length: 1,100 mm (43.3") Fl

Fix Trade BV

Fuji CP4,CP6, IP3 parts,

Used SMT Equipment | SMT Equipment

Fuji SP4,Cp6, Ip3 spare parts for sales... Part No. Description Qty. M/C 030E1 SOLENOID 030E1-DC24 5 IP3 A1022F KQN04-M5 6 IP3 A1040C FS2-62 2 IP3 A1067A FE7B-FDB6-M5 2 CP3-4 A1067A FE7B-FDB6-L5 2 CP3-4 A5161T O-RING 2 CP AQOH8011 JOINT ROTARY 2 I

ShenZhen SiMTai Electronics CO.,Ltd.

Fuji for sales...........

Used SMT Equipment | SMT Equipment

Many Fuji Sparr parts for sales.. No Part No. Description Qty. Machine 1 GPH4580 HOLDER 7 CP43 2 MPH0472 PISTON 19 CP43 3 GPL1200 PIN 8 CP43 4 S1046A CIR-CLIP WR19 10 CP43 5 PPQ1020 PIN,LOCATING 1 CP43 6 GXT2333 HOLDER,PIN 2 CP43 7 MPA5031 COLLAR 2 C

ShenZhen SiMTai Electronics CO.,Ltd.

Universal Instruments (3) GSM1, DEK 265GS, BTU VIP70

Universal Instruments (3) GSM1, DEK 265GS, BTU VIP70

Used SMT Equipment | Turnkey Lines

Functional Pre-Owned Complete SMT Assembly Line - Still Operational    (Subject to prior sell, I am listing this on other venues)   Up for sale is a full turnkey SMT line and all of it's accessories, of which there are a lot, fe

CybrSecurity Corporation


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