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Air-Vac DRS24

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 06 13:41:29 EDT 2004 | mdang

I am looking to buy an used Air-Vac DRS 24. Does anyone has experience with it? What do I need to look for and what different between the 24 and 24C? Thanks for your help. -Michael

Re: Rework Equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 28 12:56:59 EST 2000 | Russ

Engineer, I have had great success with the Air-Vac DRS24 equipment. Russ

Re: Rework Equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 28 12:56:59 EST 2000 | Russ

Engineer, I have had great success with the Air-Vac DRS24 equipment. Russ

Air-Vac DRS24-25

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 18 11:18:46 EDT 2007 | rmitchell

Hi, Anyone have the DRS25 rework machine and use it for lead free BGA's? Anyone upgraded their DRS24 to a DRS25? We may pay to upgrade our 24 to a 25 to improve our Lead Free BGA rework process. Thanks, Rob

AIR VAC DRS24C facility power

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 27 21:46:53 EST 2015 | billnav

Does the DRS-24 rework station take single or three phase 208/240? Thanks in advance.

Rework Station

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 14 11:34:44 EST 2003 | jsherrow

I have an AirVac DRS24 and older Ersa IR station. Happy with the DRS. Can't speal for SRT had a hard time setting up a demo with the rep.

Air-Vac DRS24

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 15 16:56:55 EDT 2005 | GS

It seams differences should be: - C has embedded Control and SW,more compact. - the 24 has the external PC with all the profile date and control. I heard that 24C his less flxible and friendly to use then 24.(Not sure) Mechanically they should be

Air-Vac DRS24-25

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 19 17:09:56 EDT 2007 | hegemon

We have both DRS24 and DRS25 Lead Free rework is done for the most part on the DRS25, although the DRS24 can handle some of our smaller pbFree assemblies. We bought the DRS25 machine new, it was not an upgrade. The machine is very successful at pb

Re: BGA Rework options

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 04 11:26:58 EST 2000 | Lisa Anderson

We are currently using an Air-Vac DRS24 hot air BGA/SMD rework unit. Most of our nozzles are designed to channel the exhaust away from nearby components. This and a minimum keepout of .100" has prevented any issues with secondary reflow of those co

Air-Vac DRS24

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 15 07:23:06 EDT 2005 | Ramon Urrutia

We are Global Sourcing Specialists Ltd, buyers and exporters of redundant stock. We have a Zevac DRS 24 and 22 for sale if you are interested. Please contact ramon.urrutia@btconnect.com or ring/fax:4401291423861 Both machines are in good working orde

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