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Rework Station for Large PCBs

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 23 08:52:20 EDT 2018 | mgerrior

Hey Everyone, looking to purchase a new rework station to support large PCBs. Currently up to a maximum of ~ 21" x 18". Does anyone have experience with any of the following equipment or can recommend from other manufacturers? - VJ: Summit 2200

AirVac Onyx 32 with DL Technology dispenser

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 01 19:04:56 EDT 2020 | tima

Does any one have Air Vac Onyx32 with DL Dispenser? I need to get a screen shot with motor setting (will guide you where to get this). Can pay for screenshot. Can not find anywhere... Please help

Air-Vac DRS24

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 06 13:41:29 EDT 2004 | mdang

I am looking to buy an used Air-Vac DRS 24. Does anyone has experience with it? What do I need to look for and what different between the 24 and 24C? Thanks for your help. -Michael

Looking for Air-Vac PCBRM-12 User Manual

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 29 23:18:37 EDT 2008 | rfematt

Hope some one can email me the user manual for an Air-Vac PCBRM-12 (rfematt@hotmail.com). Already asked the manufacturer, still waiting for an answer. Thanks, Rafael.


Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 29 14:42:04 EDT 2008 | davef

Why didn't you say that in you original posting? Among the better suppliers of rework systems are: * SRT http://www.vjelectronix.com/vjebeta/products.asp?title=Rework%20Solutions * AirVac http://www.air-vac-eng.com/ * Metcal http://www.metcal.com/

SMT and BGA Rework Machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 22 03:04:07 EDT 2006 | PP

Any help/suggestion is much appreciated I am doing lots of BGA Reworks from a small uBGA with a few balls to a large BGA with over 1500 balls. The reworks have been done on SRT 1100 Series Machine for many years. SRT 1100 Machine is good for the c

Need a table top mini wave

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 29 08:06:21 EST 2005 | pjc

Here are two others to look at besides Air-Vac: http://www.speedlinetech.com/electrovert/soldapak.aspx http://www.wenesco.com/electronics.htm#electronicstop


Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 29 13:24:58 EDT 2007 | adrian_nishimoto

My four favorite machines in order: 1) Metcal 3591 2) PDR IR-3200 3) PMT B-series 4) Air-Vac DRS 22c We have and use all of these.


Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 30 14:50:49 EDT 2007 | GS

Brand: Air-VAC (US) ZEVAC (if outside US) - Onix 24 - Onix 29 the high capability and capacity Best Regards....GS

Re: opinion of these rework stations

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 29 12:51:55 EDT 1999 | Bob Barr

Never heard of the DRS-22C. I have had a DRS-22 for several years now. Purchased it when we started doing BGA's. The operators like it - good optics (split view), built like a tank, X-Y table easy to manipulate for alignment. I like it because I ca

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