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wave soldering conveyor angle

Electronics Forum | Sun May 09 06:34:53 EDT 2004 | alex

i want to know that friends what is the angle of conveyor in wave soldering machine to get good soldering , can we adjust angle

component to scored edge clearance

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 20 04:21:04 EDT 2005 | alex

What is the ideal component edge to board scored edge clearance?

CP6 pickup errors

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 25 07:49:01 EST 2005 | Alex

I guess there is another Alex trying to be funny.

Tray table set up on Tray Wagon Mydata MY12

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 09 22:19:38 EDT 2019 | d_nguyen2018

Thank you, Alex!

Agilent SJ-50 series 3 Internal error crashes

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 18 02:12:57 EDT 2009 | shinseimy

Hi William, I'm Alex Toh from Shinsei Technology, Malaysia which the company manufacturing and provide solution on SMT AOI machine. If you have interest on new AOI machine, you can to contact me for further. For more information, you can visit our we

looking for any body that works on old Panasonic MV, Fuji CP642, Speedline MPM 2000 and 3000

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 13 12:19:57 EDT 2015 | sumote

Tom, I use the same Fuji machine you are referring to. The company that I use is ibe smt. Alex Dalgleish and Larry Johnson both are very well versed in these machines, and they stock parts for them as well. I have never had to look anywhere else f

0402 placement by IP2

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 15 12:08:26 EST 2000 | Alex B.

i'm going to try placeing 0402 with a fuji IP2. Will i have any problems and are there any sugestions thanks in advance Alex B

BGA Assembly

Electronics Forum | Wed May 29 10:11:50 EDT 2002 | wilcoxito

Thanks for your input, Alex. I appreciate it. I'd still like some input on diamond-shaped apertures if anyone has had experience with them.

CP6 pickup errors

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 03 18:48:41 EST 2005 | jimmyb

Alex, Is it fixed, or still a problem? If you found it, please post a solution. I just gotta know.

Conformal Coating Machines.........

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 30 21:54:36 EST 2006 | mrduckmann2000

Alex, We will be using acrylics only. We are looking for a machine that will allow us to have 20 to 30 keep out areas per PCB. How's your machine at keep out areas? Thank you for any input.

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