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aligning mecchanical alignment station on CSM84

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 23 21:34:38 EDT 2014 | jmelson

I have a 3 head CSM84 without vision. I have set up head 3 without chuck jaws to use with the mechanical alignment station. When I got the machine all the M.A. offsets were zero. Over time, I have gotten them closer, but I really don't understand

aligning mecchanical alignment station on CSM84

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 28 00:13:29 EDT 2014 | jmelson

I was hoping somebody knew how to do this. My method was to place parts at 0 and 180 degree rotation, and adjust head offset until the parts were in the same position at both rotations. Then, I adjusted the M.A. station offset to zero in on correct

BGA Alignment

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 30 08:34:08 EDT 2012 | almoore

We use a small surface mount connector that has two alignment pins to ensure proper alignment. It works fairly well. I'm thinking that this simple alignment solution might work well with lead less parts like a BGA or QFN. I can hand assemble QFNs

SMT component mis-aligned

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 17 14:42:52 EST 2005 | gregp

I would first check the alignment of the flux capacitor to the roto pluker mechanism.

Solder Mask Alignment

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 24 03:10:35 EDT 2010 | tennythomas

What is solder mask alignment?

Manual Stencil Alignment

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 27 15:21:28 EDT 2001 | H.Richter

Hello; Can anyone give me advise on the best way to manually align a 20"x20" stencil on a semi-automatic printer? We have a board with a 16 mil pitch QFP and have difficulty aligning the stencil. We have tried various alignment schemes on the pcb an

quad qsv-1 gantry - quad align issues

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 23 14:30:09 EST 2008 | operator

Additionally, I have seen the bad align error from incorrect pickup Z. Quad align can freak out sometimes if it sees something it doesn't like. If all else fails I just reboot and 99% of the time the problem goes away.

quad align init problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 23 10:53:24 EDT 2010 | evertonsanches

Hello Sir, in this situation I recommend you to check and reconect the conectors of Quad Align Board and also of Quad Align Sensor. Everton - Brasil

quad align init problem

Electronics Forum | Thu May 20 10:01:23 EDT 2010 | jmw

Just a slight correction....the quad align card is located at the back rear right of the machine (in a cage). If it is a cyber-optics 4c machine....the laser align card is in the front card rack to the far left.

BGA Alignment

Electronics Forum | Wed May 02 09:28:20 EDT 2012 | almoore

The surface tension of lead free solder alloys doesn't self align as well as it does with leaded alloys. Taking the guesswork out of alignment would negate the need for expensive split vision systems and make the parts hand reworkable.

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