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Solder mask

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 12 17:36:15 EST 2001 | davef

Caramel is more like a amber ale than a pale ale, although not as redish as the amber. Actually, it's more like caramel. It is real brittle and scratches easily. If we built the board more often, we'd change it to a more familiar material. Naw, n

Stenciling chipbonder.....

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 22 21:59:54 EST 2003 | davef

First, wheat beer is not intended to be consumed at this time of the year in the northern hemishpere. It is ment to be consumed on the back porch, while smoking the LARGEST cigar you own, after mowing the lawn on a day that is so hot that the dog ca

Stenciling chipbonder.....

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 23 09:40:09 EST 2003 | davef

Yes, my favorite Down Easter beers are: * Casco Bay Pils * DL Geary's Pale Ale * Kennybunkport Magic Hat Blind Faith IPA

BGA short at same spot after few time rework.

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 26 21:09:14 EDT 2001 | davef

Hey Wolfgang: I was down at Jimbo's and tried a McEwan's Pale Ale, yech!!! And Scotch beer [eg, McEwan's Scotch Ale, Tennant's] has been so berry, berry good to me, helping to sauve the travails of winter, until I could starting working on wheat be

Solder mask

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 12 17:00:14 EST 2001 | mparker

Aw Dave - you guys are so fashionable, are the dark green and red combos seasonal? caramel brown like a Pale Ale? I once heard that the green was chosen because it gives the best color contrast for white silk screens. As for color reflecting or abs

Stenciling chipbonder.....

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 24 21:54:36 EST 2003 | jonfox

Good comment about the "passthrough" CAMALOT. I like that one. About the beer...when I was in field service, I was a microbrew nut, and still one of my favorites is Fat Tire from the Boulder, CO area. honorable mentions out West are (yes) Pyramid

Comet Philips machine error

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 15 19:31:54 EST 2005 | eeltec

>I/OPERATION ==> >1/RUNNING ==> but any command that I try gives an E100 error and in the left side of the monitor a square with: Conditions Initialized Waiting Emg stop (in red) org incmp (in red) Interlock (in red) data comp Use Vac

Where's The Drill? ... or responsibility

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 03 21:46:04 EST 2001 | davef

GET ANSWER? Shore. Tks t'all. DA DRILL? Naw, never found it. I worked at this plant down in Arkansas, where we cooked dirt. [Got it so hot, it glowed orange.] Virtually everyone in the plant had a wauky taukie. About half of the 2-ways would g


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