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A 5S organized work space

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 17 08:29:05 EDT 2012 | davef

I read 'Getting Things Done' [David Allen] and have developed a work task notebook based on Allen's ideas, but I haven't fully embraced his 'a place for everything' approach. And this doesn't show the pile of paper collecting behind my chair.

Solder Splash

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 22 21:03:58 EDT 2009 | umar

Hi Russ/Dave/Allen, Is the solder splash and solder ball is came from the same root cause?

Hand tools @ work station ?

Electronics Forum | Tue May 18 07:33:17 EDT 2004 | cyber_wolf

I need to find a way to keep all of the essential hand tools and hardware at our screen printers and placement machines.(Allen keys,allen screws) I have tried labeling small toolboxes and putting the tools and screws in there, but they ALWAYS seem to

Dektec Soldering Gear

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 17 10:39:13 EDT 2005 | Allen

We recently took on distribution of DekTec in the USA, that is to say we market, sell and service the gear. The notion that all equipment coming from Asia is cheap is a misconception. Many of Dektec's current customers are names we know as tier one O

Universal Instruments 5423A Loader/Unloader Allen & Bradley SLC500 5/03 PLC Software ??

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 14 06:52:57 EST 2016 | pmcg

Hi Anyone know if it's possible to get the software to load to the Allen & Bradley PLC (SLC500 SLC5/03) on a Universal Instruments 5423A loader/unloader unit? We have a couple of these and it looks like both have lost the code for some reason (powe


Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 17 19:29:54 EST 2000 | Michael Allen

I'm searching for technical papers on the topic of via-in-pad (through-vias, not micro-vias) -- hopefully with reliability test results. There's been zero response to this question in the past, but I thought I'd ask again. References would be great

Problem with conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 21 09:23:34 EST 2005 | sforman1

Some UV cure coatings do not have the correct rheology for sticking to small sharp corners. 984 is one of them. MicroCoat Technologies, Allen, TX makes one that works every time.

Dektec Soldering Gear

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 17 10:58:47 EDT 2005 | Rob

Hi Allen, Thank you very much for your response, if anyone picks up the range in Europe I'll go & take a look. Cheers, Rob.


Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 12 09:50:33 EDT 2006 | nitro

The conveyor program in the Allen Bradley PLC may be bad. I think it is a Micrologic 2000. You may have to re-program it using a hand held unit. Can't halp You with the Pana. I'm a Universal kind of guy.

Cencorp TR1000 Spindle Controller

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 08 12:43:15 EDT 2008 | linny999

hello, Try Allen at Attek LLC 970 443 9233 he should be able to help you out. Ian

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