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Lead free alloys

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 20 15:47:29 EDT 2000 | William

Bob, what alloy is leading the pack for sn-pb replacement. Will this alloy adapt itself to component leads? What circuit board finishes will we be dealing with?

Re: Lead free alloys

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 20 16:04:22 EDT 2000 | Bob Willis

Tin/silver/copper is the alloy I have done most with and it would seem that it will be the alloy of choice if you look at the people doing the work. There are still some issues of fillet lifting which I have seen on PIHR soldering and the same in wav

SAC305 and Sn100c alloys

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 29 17:04:43 EST 2009 | jeffjarmato

I run two different waves here one with SAC305 with aqueous flux the other with SN100C and No clean flux. Does anyone see any issues with running product through either machine of course after changing the Flux type? I also only use SAC305 alloy for

Lead-free solder alloy:

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 15 13:36:07 EDT 2005 | Brian

If you do SMT with an SAC alloy, and the Wave Solder with SN100C, what is the impact of accidentally reworking the through hole parts with an SAC alloy wire solder? Or reworking the SAC alloy with an SN100C wire solder? Brian

IPC Conference Raises New Lead-free Reliability Concerns

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 17 02:34:58 EDT 2007 | Wayne

Now, they realized the problem of the current leadfree alloys. Is there any leadfree alloys finalized to use in future? Will it be a four elements alloys instead of current three elements alloys (eg SAC)?

Resistance Shift with Lead free

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 20 08:55:31 EST 2006 | patrickbruneel

Steve, How do you measure the resistance is it by probing the surface? Concerning the alloy there is a straightforward linear correlation between the tin content and the electrical conductivity of the alloy. The higher the tin content in the alloy,

Pb % contaminant allowed in Pb/Free Solder

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 11 08:30:12 EST 2005 | GS

HI all, which is the last "though" about the max Pb % allowed/acceptable into a Pb Free Alloy ? For istance inside : - HASL Process Solder Pot Alloy - Wave Solder Pot Alloy ( 400Kg mass average) - Static Wave Solder Pot Alloy - Etc IPC-J-

Pb-Free Alloy Candidates

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 22 10:23:15 EDT 2000 | Curious

Is the soldering community narrowing down the list of possible Pb-Free alloy candidates for oven-reflow SMT?

Mix Pb and Pb free alloy

Electronics Forum | Thu May 25 10:55:21 EDT 2006 | Chunks

Loctite makes a product called MP218 that works well with mixed alloys.

looking low melting solder paste

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 31 11:01:06 EDT 2010 | cobar

Alloy properties http://www.shanelo.co.za/Alloy%20Properties.htm

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