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Universal stand alone sequencers

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 07 14:28:10 EDT 2019 | alexeyzb

I worked with Axial-5 and Radial-5 machines and there are no alone sequencers.

Universal stand alone sequencers

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 07 12:26:29 EDT 2019 | robl

Hi, anyone know when Universal stopped making & supporting stand alone sequencers? We don't have the space for a 120 module 6241F or similar. Thanks, Rob.

Universal stand alone sequencers

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 28 16:09:59 EDT 2019 | dynamoot

What are you looking for Robl?

Universal stand alone sequencers

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 08 01:51:08 EDT 2019 | robl

Hi Alexey, I've used Combi machines too, but Universal were still selling new 2596D sequencers in 2003, way after the 6241D,E & F: http://www3.uic.com/wcms/Images.nsf/(GraphicLib)/366-00B.pdf/$File/366-00B.pdf

AOI Systems

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 18 11:31:05 EST 2005 | carterhoward

I agree with stand-alone as well. We're a CM and have three AOI's, we keep them all stand-alone. We use them for paste inspection, first articles off SMT equipment, QC articles from SMT, hand assembly QC, TH first article and TH QC. We treat AOI as


Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 27 15:28:25 EST 2004 | DaveM

Both Cyberoptics inline (Cyber Sentry) and stand alone (LSM, LSM2 & LSM300) work well. As previously mentioned, the Sentry series inline systems work well, but reqiuire programming. The LSM series stand alone systems are good, but can be operator dep

Machine Utilization

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 11 11:09:17 EDT 2002 | Tired of Ken Bliss

How many times are you going to cut and paste the same tired marketing pitch to us? Leave it alone. Doug

solder fillet peeling update....

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 18 08:42:12 EDT 2003 | iman

I can relate to your situation. You are not alone... good luck!

BGA rework using Tacky Flux

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 13 14:28:08 EST 2006 | chunks

Russ is right. Tacky alone works best. I've done dozens like that.

Re: Reflow profilers? worth it?

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 10 13:16:44 EDT 1999 | ScottM

Does anyone use reflow profilers? Are they a good investement or is trial and error sufficient? Does anyone have any suggestions on profiles to try? Thanks. You need to profile! Some oven manufacturers will try and sell you an ove

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