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Discoloration along the edge of traces with OSP finish.

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 13 09:36:53 EDT 2008 | davef

Lemme tell ya, those are weird looking pix. If OSP boards have not been dried properly prior to bagging and sealing, water can leak from via and ruin the OSP, which will turn black.

Discoloration along the edge of traces with OSP finish.

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 12 17:58:30 EDT 2008 | robinj

Can someone let me know what is causing this black coloration around the pads? It is on the edge of all pads all over the board. The surface finish is OSP. I don't have any solderability issue. But the stencil printer is having trouble with picking u

IPC Land Pattern Guideline

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 20 20:44:15 EDT 2011 | davef

Design based on: * IPC-SM-782A: Gap 0.0157", Pad 0.0354"X0.0276" [along gap] * IPC-SM-782A Mod used on 32411A1 & Volvo Smart Switch: Gap 0.0157", Pad 0.020"X0.020" [along gap] * IPC-7351: Gap 0.008", Pad 0.0256"X0.0256" [along gap]

Insulation distance

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 24 18:58:44 EST 2001 | davef

Permit me to recant ... The courtyard around a 0603 resistor should be: * 0.005" along the short edge of the component / pad * 0.010" along the long edge of the component / pad

No Clean Selective Solder

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 01 06:09:01 EDT 2002 | mzaboogie

Hi Pete, The boards are HASL. The frequency is random. The solder balls are randomly deposited along the path of the select wave, not always along the component bodies. We are very careful regarding handling. There could have been contamination on s

Login is enabled

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 18 09:21:31 EST 1999 | Clifford Peaslee

Login is now enabled, along with registration. Cliff

GPD off line programming

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 28 13:59:54 EST 2002 | Jeff

CircuitCAM is a Partner with GPD and worked along with GPD to create the interface to support their dispensers.

Conformal coating application

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 28 13:13:02 EDT 2004 | jdumont

Hey guys, I would be looking for something along the lines of the PVA 250 model, VERY basic....

0402's and Gluing.............

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 16 17:32:49 EST 2005 | russ

Public Beating? Yes,Yes indeed. So Duckmann how is this little problem coming along? Russ

Demo boards

Electronics Forum | Tue May 24 11:54:04 EDT 2005 | russ

Practical components also supplies these kits, along with the machine mfgrs.

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