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Murata cap wetting issues

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 17 10:22:16 EDT 2001 | tom g

Has anyone out there had solder joint wetting issues with Murata ceramic chip caps, in particular with Alpha UP78 no-clean paste? We are finding that changing either the paste or the vendor corrects this problem. If so, please advise your solution(

Selective Soldering Issues

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 14 12:22:49 EDT 2012 | grauen06

The Alpha EF-9301 flux worked great! We went from ~4 solder issues per PCB to

Solder Paste not dry after Wave

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 23 01:06:06 EST 2011 | kemasta

Hi all Recentlt I encounter a issue, the solder paste was not dry after wave. Mostly happen and the end of the board. It is rare case, 1 day happen about twice. But to achieve our quality target, I still need to overcome this issue. I use Alpha OM-

SAC305 soldering to 58Bi/42Sn

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 24 10:43:06 EST 2009 | isd_jwendell

I have used SnBi from Alpha, and it worked well. The only issue I found is that you cannot have ANY Pb contamination.

Alpha 856 Flux For Wave Soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 16 10:53:28 EST 2006 | Bill C

I know this is not SMT related but would anyone care to comment on Alpha 856 flux, good/bad experiences or any known issues? I did some samples recently using it and had excellent results. Information on it seems a little hard to find and it makes

Solder Paste Dispense problems

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 30 15:18:54 EST 2000 | Rich Z

All, I have a reoccurring issue with the Alpha-Metals WS601, water-soluble paste in that the size 20 nozzle of the auger-type dispenser on my Camalot Gemini II clogs up rather frequently. Every few hours we are having to go in and clear out the nozz

Re: Solder Paste

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 13 21:46:03 EST 1999 | Dave F

I am currently using Alpha WS629. I have a Malcom SPS-1 Solder paste mixer. I find that the mixer after running for the recommended mixing time (10 to 18 Min) ball's the solder in the jar. 1) Is there any other Manufacture having the same

Lead Free paste

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 06 13:18:37 EST 2006 | Bob B

Attention Alpha users: I just read Alpha is going to close the US paste factories and move them to Mexico. Be on the lookout for quality issues when they do. I am sorry to see them go in this direction.

SC-79 (SOD523) component placement

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 17 21:32:28 EDT 2002 | davef

Please help to clairify the problem. Are we talking: * A pre-reflow [placement] problem? * A post-reflow [solder wetting] problem? Is the wetting issue that you mention related to the board or to the component? Please give us a little more detail

Selective Soldering Issues

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 22 21:07:08 EDT 2012 | tank1266

I have had Selective issues such as yours on two very different Selective Solder Machines. I was able to eliminate these issues by using Alpha EF-9301 wave flux with any SAC305 solder. It's a more aggressive flux, but really made the difference. Anot

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