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Double-sided reflow with a Altera 240-pin RQFP

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 30 08:55:45 EDT 2003 | Steve Gregory

Has anybody ever done a double-sided reflow with a Altera 240-pin RQFP on the bottom? The part has a heatsink in the top and weighs just over a half-ounce... Thanks in advance! -Steve Gregory-

BGA ball Separation

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 25 11:30:47 EDT 2006 | DC

Russ, we had similiar issue on the corner seperation. The board is ENIG and the part is Altera FBGA 1020 (Super BGA) and reflowed by tin/lead paste. Please comment your concern on Altera parts! Is CTE mismatch?

BGA ball Separation

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 05 17:03:15 EST 2005 | russ

Ina ddition to the above it can be from CTE mismatch and the joints are breaking during cooling. Is this an Altera part?

Considerations for placement of Altera ultra-fine line BGA

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 13 09:31:48 EDT 2002 | ksfacinelli

I am looking at placing a Altera BGA device that has a .45mm Nominal Ball Dia. with a .8 spacing c-c between balls. The PCB will be gold plated so co-planarity should not be an issue. Interested in suggestions that may assist producability when pla

Re: Altera PQFP240 Solderability

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 14 10:21:11 EDT 1998 | EFData

| Does that part still have a heat sink built into it or is it the plastic package? | Justin Originally, we also thought the heat sink may be causing problems, so we conducted tests on both the plastic package and heat sink versions. Nothing conclusi

Altera: smt to thruhole

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 18 10:42:05 EDT 2002 | Benny

I am asking if is there a wirw wrap socket that can fit flex10k smt component [(epf10k10atc100-3) 100 pin]. or if is there thruhole flex10k ?

Altera: smt to thruhole

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 19 20:35:02 EDT 2002 | davef

Search the fine SMTnet Archives for sources of converter / conversion interface parts. For instance: http://www.smtnet.com//forums/index.cfm?fuseaction=view_thread&CFApp=1&Thread_ID=5315&#Message20714&

MicroBGA Footprint

Electronics Forum | Thu May 31 21:43:21 EDT 2007 | davef

Most suppliers provide this information on their parts. For example http://www.altera.com/literature/an/an114.pdf We have no relationship, nor receive benefit from the company referenced above.

Altera PQFP240 Solderability

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 13 17:03:40 EDT 1998 | EFData

We are having some difficulty soldering a 240 pin Altera device. We use Alpha WS-609, a very generic profile for that solder paste, and a 6 mil stencil with laser cut apertures (1:1 ratio). This is a 20 mil pitch device (aperture size is 10 mils X 75

Double-sided reflow with a Altera 240-pin RQFP

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 30 10:02:37 EDT 2003 | Steve Gregory

Hi Russ! An "R" QFP is what Altera calls their Plastic Quad Flatpacks that have a heatsink in the top...they actually call them Power Quad Flatpacks. I'm familiar with the formula, of how one can figure out if there's enough surface tension for a p

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