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PCB Design

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 13 04:16:55 EST 2016 | crystalpcb

Hi Brother, My Boy Friend is a engineer designer,he often use pads and Altium_Designer.

Camtastic 2000

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 26 22:21:08 EDT 2022 | sarason

Can't download it from the Altium website? sarason

How to import pick and place file (generated using Altium) from USB drive in to TPSYS?

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 07 13:58:01 EDT 2014 | patel_daxa29

Hi All, I have generated Pick and place file from ALtium designer.I put it on flash drive and it is plugged in MY-DATA. How do i access this file in TPSYS. I will appreciate any insight. Thank You

How to find complex component packages for Altium?!

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 10 19:12:10 EST 2015 | billthebuilder

I am trying to make a PCB populated with complex components such as LGA, WLBGA, LGFP, LFCSP, VFBGA, QFN, FBGA, PBGA so that we can test out some PnP machines. I have found parts on digikey for each of the packages we want to test but trying to make

Setup speed, Samsung, Yamaha or Juki ?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 25 17:57:48 EDT 2022 | glasscake

Assembleon (Yamaha Re-branded) machines have treated me well as I have 13 machines running any given day. Manuals are readily available in English but are more clear if you can read the original Japanese or Chinese versions. The biggest issue you

Assembleon / Philips support. Ask your question.

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 26 17:16:24 EST 2010 | jlawson

If you have trouble also you can check out Valors vPlan, i have it running Yamaha YV100Xxg machines - they support Assembleon versions too. Can generate VIOS files from ALtium Input - either CAD DB files or ODB++ as Altium Designer supports this now.

Convert CAD files to TPSys

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 21 20:23:57 EDT 2011 | sarason

My shareware program will generate a TPSys program from a Protel file, any thing from Autotrax to Altium Designer. You can download it from http://users.tpg.com.au/sarason/index.html The TPSys option is entered on the second tab dialog "Option" un

Topaz files, information

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 08 02:00:20 EDT 2011 | promax

Hello, i´m trying to do a program to convert a text file from Altium to Topaz-X files. But i dont have any information about its format. Can someone help me Thanks

PCB Design

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 02 07:00:22 EDT 2016 | technotronix

I would recommend Diptrace, Eagle and Altium Designer. Choose one of them or try three of them, according to your specific requirement.

Program verification

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 14 14:59:13 EDT 2022 | glasscake

I made an app to take in Altium data and an export from our PNP software that creates two separate CSV files then uses win-merge to compare differences. This can be done manually as well.

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