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Rejuvenated solder paste

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 18 15:23:05 EST 2004 | grayman

We used to add flux on a "expired" solder paste but we discontinued as there are many problems and customers complaints coming from our American customer. Like unwetted solder pads,dull and cold solder and many others. The profit is really ok but qua

China Made or American made ( survey)

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 27 18:33:31 EDT 2004 | russ

Do you mean an American company building in China or A chinese company in china? Either way "Made in USA" by Americans for me.

Info on MYDATA

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 30 12:17:49 EDT 2007 | stepheniii

The US told him he can not buy American. He and I never said that there is anything wrong with buying American. The fact is the US government says he cannot buy American. He needs equipment. The US government says he can't buy American, therefore he

China Made or American made ( survey)

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 27 18:15:09 EDT 2004 | grayman

There are many brands of Reflow equipment in the market now. Mostly dominated by American brands. However, there are China made reflow ovens who also wants to taste the market. If you are the buyer of reflow oven would you like China made or America

Info on MYDATA

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 30 13:11:05 EDT 2007 | stepheniii

Are you talking about the US or Syria? No one has judged the US. I'm saying don't judge Basam. The US Government says he can't buy American. I ask you Americans should he defy the US government and buy American anyways? Even though that could give

Latin American Electronics Manufacturing Market

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 02 14:33:02 EDT 2000 | Robert Williams

Does anyone know where I can find a good, concise summary of the Latin American Electronics Manufacturing Market, on the Internet. If anyone has anything, I'd appreciate you forwarding it to me by fax at 203-840-9345, or emailing it to me. Thanks a

Does anyone care if Americans supply equipment to our industry.

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 25 19:03:30 EST 2002 | Mike M

Don't forget that the great American company UIC sells the wonderfull HSP machines, or are they Sanyo?

Austin American model9700 board cleaner

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 03 10:54:23 EDT 2007 | Mike Konrad

Have you tried contacting the owner of Austin American Technology? His name is Steve Stach email: sstach@aat-corp.com 512-756-4150 Mike Konrad konrad@aqueoustech.com

Wire Tinning Pots

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 26 17:20:15 EDT 2012 | joeherz

Hello, I need to find a wire tinning pot with temp control that will conform to J-STD-001 requirements. I'm looking at American Beauty and Plato models. The American Beauty models appear to be capable but the low prices make me wonder. Any advice

Does anyone care if Americans supply equipment to our industry.

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 21 01:21:14 EST 2002 | jbutile

Is everyone happy with his or her Panasonic, Fuji and Siemens machines? Do you realize what you have done? I just wanted to thank everyone who bought an Omni A,B,C machine from Universal Instruments... At least you gave the Americans a chance. It

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