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Re: Surface Mount Component Glues

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 17 01:12:50 EDT 2000 | Darby

Try "Amicon D125 F". Good for both dispensing and screen printing. I like the yellow colour, it shows up better on green pcbs. Most smd adhesives are single part, heat cured epoxies, UV curing having gone out of fashion some years ago. Amicon used to

Bottom side process question

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 16 17:50:45 EST 2001 | djarvis

Steve, I did this several years ago on a terribly designed board that left a lot of joints unsoldered after the wave. It works OK. This was a bog Irish board with nothing fancier than SOP packages. Glue was Amicon D125. Happy St. Patrick's Day everyo

Cleaning stencils after printing SMD adhesives

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 11 18:32:34 EDT 2001 | Darby

Mark, We print and dispense with Amicon "D 125 F". Solvent used is Electrolube "SSS", which is also used for solder paste removal/pcb cleaning for misprints and rework both manually and ultrasonically. I like it - good stuff but at $25 AU per litre i

Re: Screen Printing of Surface Mount Adhesives

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 05 06:55:48 EST 2000 | Mark Alder

Please go into s.m.t.net archives 19/2/1999 and have alook at the suggestions I received.I have found them to be fairly accurate and work pretty good.Lazer cut stencils also made a significant improvement.The adhesive I used was AMICON D125F3 from Em

Adhesive Application by Stencil

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 28 00:20:48 EST 2001 | chinaren

we use the screen glue AMICON D125 F5 from Emerson company of Belgium and stencil is Varidot stencil from Loctite with thickness of 250 micrometers The squeegee is also from loctite, previously we use squeegee of material PU, it is easy to be broke

Adhesive printing

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 28 16:48:14 EST 2002 | djarvis

Printing with adhesives is no big deal so don't let the sales types try to mystify the process and convince you that they have the only stencils/adhesives/knowledge that can possibly get you through this "trying time" - at a price. Start with 0.010"


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