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Amkor Fusion Quad

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 22 11:43:26 EST 2008 | svarg

Good morning, Amkor has just posted the data sheet for the FusionQuad on their website. The link is below: FusionQuad webpage: http://www.amkor.com/Products/all_products/FusionQuad.cfm FusionQuad Data Sheet http://www.amkor.com/Products/all_datash

LGA design

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 17 11:36:33 EST 2004 | POC

Try Amkor web page here http://www.amkor.com/products/notes_papers/appnotes_LGA_0902.pdf Regards POC

Amkor Fusion Quad

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 11 12:20:05 EST 2008 | stevek

Amkor must be really pushing this. Two different ASIC suppliers are proposing it. Looks like if I can't say there is a known problem, we'll get it.

Amkor Fusion Quad

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 19 15:49:27 EST 2007 | khushal

Can you physically describe the package or provide a picture? Thanks!

Amkor Fusion Quad

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 01 01:47:40 EST 2008 | guru

Any chance you will try this out?

Amkor Fusion Quad

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 30 16:41:18 EST 2007 | stevek

Does anyone have any experience with the Amkor Fusion Quad package? I'm wondering about the coverage of the heatsink slug and it floating the interior leadless terminations apart. Any designers have any experience escape routing the underpart/inter

Chip Die Damage

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 07 09:54:05 EST 2012 | davef

Try MIL-STD-883 Method 2017 Die inspection service providers may be willing to help Services, Die inspection * Amkor amkor.com * Syagrus Systems syagrussystems.com SMTA has published a lot of papers that track to 'die' & 'inspection' but most oft

Re: mini BGA

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 29 13:44:45 EDT 1998 | Russ Miculich

The mini-BGA was to be smaller than the standard BGA and larger than the micro-BGA. The last I heard there will be no mini BGA but companies such as Tessera, AMKOR-ANAM, etc. will go directly to supply 0.020" center to center pitch micro-BGA's. You

BGA Processes

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 19 08:47:31 EDT 2001 | Cal

If Fosters is Australian beer is......Amkor's Super 560 SBGA Austrailian for uBGA? I agree with Dave F. Practical Components is your best best. They have provided us with components and PCBs for years. G'day, Cal


Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 21 03:46:25 EDT 2001 | Lex WW

Dave, thank you for the pointer. The Amkor site covered most of the basics, from the package design to assembly guidelines. If you have any further tips on assembling this package, I'd much appreciate it. Thanks again..

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