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PCB defects

Dec 26, 2017 | Hi, We have develop a solution, called ASD, to online analyze and detect of real problem on SMT p

Sulfur in ESD Mat

Nov 29, 2017 |

Who are the top PCB Suppliers in China?

Oct 28, 2017 | It's hard to say about it. Some time ago, I had collected some information to analyze which PCB Fab.

Reflow oven profile

Jan 9, 2017 |

Water Cleaning PCBs

May 30, 2013 |

PCB contamination with NC Flux after Wave Solder

Oct 23, 2012 | Ideally first you need to analyze the residue to see what it is. We had a customer with white resid

Reflow problem

Sep 26, 2012 |

Excessive solder balls!

Jul 8, 2011 |

nickel corrosion

Jul 15, 2010 |

O2 analyzer

May 31, 2010 | Dear All , I have 1 unit of PBI-Dansensor , Model TIA-222 Oxygen Analyzer that have been sitting

oxygen analyzer device zirox VS Delta F

May 4, 2010 | Hello Does anyone can give feedback about this two analyzers (zirox and delta f 150)? In fact

BGA x-ray services 3D

Jan 26, 2010 | A few years ago we sent some samples to Dage for them to analyze on one of their 3D systems.

High-end SPI and AOI?

Jan 12, 2010 |

Wirebond issues near SM

Oct 8, 2009 |

hole blister

Sep 14, 2009 |

NiPdAu Soldering Problems?

Sep 19, 2008 | All I can say is my regular "Get it analyzed", so you'll know what the streak is. Regards, Vla

SMT Disasters

Jul 9, 2008 |

Need SMT Tech

Jun 20, 2008 |

Removing Markings from Devices

May 1, 2008 | I just got done analyzing an old piece of gear with relabeled parts. We had a schematic of the boar

Inspecting a new stencil

Feb 20, 2008 |

N2 analyser - reflow oven

May 29, 2007 | Hi, i'm looking for an analyzer - possibly universal one that can be installed externally (we hav

BGA Failure Rate?

Jan 3, 2007 | Hi, I was looking for information on failure rates for BGA components. I am analyzing our BGA re


Aug 11, 2006 |

Oxygen Analyzer for Wave Inerting

Aug 3, 2006 | You might consider an oxygen monitor (or lack of oxygen monitor). A fast response-rate analyzer

Flying Probe

Jul 29, 2006 |

Functional Test Faulure due to BGA ICs

Jul 25, 2006 | If your Test tech able to analyze and tell you which exact ball/location is the problem, you may sen

Question about air particles in SMT area

May 9, 2006 | Determine the extent of the problem using a witness plate and having it analyzed by an air quality l

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