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Calibration of Nozzle Holes on Mirae Mx350

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 09 08:40:37 EST 2020 | raeesrajput

Hi Every one, Thanks in advance for your help and support. I am getting errors 'Nozzle pick up error' and 'Nozzle release error' on Mirae Mx350. I have been told to calibrate Nozzle Holes using 'ANC' option in the Menu. Ther

CP45FV NEO Z1 axis motion is interfered by another axis

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 14 07:44:16 EDT 2021 | bukas

hi James. does this happen with every head or just Z6? Does the head move vertically at all? What ANC holder is selected in setup "Hole position detail"? There should be 4 options for "ANC hole position version". If the machine is CP45FV NEO then ANC

Samsung Quad QSA 30

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 09 11:52:21 EDT 2012 | bobpan

Does it show the ANC in a position on the feeder base in the screen that has the nozzles/hole positions? When you go to optimize ...there is a screen that has something to do with registered ANC.....There could be something there that is incorrect. I

CAN'T OPEN ANC. invalid place position x

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 24 23:26:43 EDT 2015 | thefinder

Hi. Have a problem with a QSA 30 machine. show me a error at the end of set up program. CAN'T ANC OPEN and then show me on the next row message. invalid place position x. if anyone has any suggestions please tell me.

Samsung Quad QSA 30

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 07 11:45:26 EDT 2012 | btipcb

I purchased and am setting up a used QSA30. It has been a little frustrating but I finally have an almost program. The isse is that I can not generate a placement program because it says that the ANC is not registered. I can look at it on the sy

CAN'T OPEN ANC. invalid place position x

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 27 08:39:07 EST 2016 | thefinder

Hi to all. i resolved my problem. I just select "LOAD" option the the program run.


Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 08 06:13:55 EST 2020 | raeesrajput

Hi, Can you please guide me how to calibrate 'The hole location'. Which can be done in the “ANC..” menu. I am using Mirae 350 machine. Best Regards, Raees

Mirae MX200LP (Delay)

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 02 11:42:54 EDT 2022 | bobpan

check 'machine' then 'parameters' and make sure 'part check wait delay' is set to 0. Also I would turn off CDON usage in 'ANC' for each head. If they are set to 'YES' change them to 'NO' and see what happens.

Samsung CP45FV NEO main start switch problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 17 16:01:03 EDT 2021 | jamesatqkits

Hi Bukas, Do you have a CP45? I need some help: Ihave no board loaded, the machine is booted and homed. So to pick up a nozzle, I open the ANC window. Click on the nozzle I want, say 29 its a CN065 When I press pick, it asks, machine is not ho

s-2000 nozzle pick error

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 22 14:39:02 EDT 2012 | wendynguyen234

Our S-2000 pick & place machine has head 2 not picking up any nozzle & displays error code 8342(nozzle check error). In ANC setting, head 1 pick/put ok but not head 2; when "MANUAL" box is checked, clicking PICK/PUT then both head 1 & 2's status disp

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