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Todays crazy idea?! (environmental safe)

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 23 03:16:40 EST 2001 | Cosine Theta

Wow! It really works. I used Sprite instead of the hussle of melting suger. I did not use Coke as it leave behind a black stain. Now, I need to convince the facility people it will not attract ants. Or maybe it will be process inherant that ants wil

Removing Green Masking on PCB's

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 15 13:17:27 EDT 2001 | CPI

Are you exposing so you can solder and SMD component directly to it? If not are there ant vias near by that connect to the area you are trying to expose? If not I have done as Dave suggested using a dremal tool. Messy but it works.

What is the QFN or Device Voiding Levels Needed for Automotive Industry for Power Devices for Electric Vehicles?

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 28 08:04:29 EDT 2018 | shuhaib

Hi, please go through IPC 7093, its only for design and assembly process implementation for bottom termination components. its says up to 50% voids will not reduce ant electrical and thermal performance.

AOI library

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 18 13:21:19 EST 2019 | joesig

I recently had my Mirtec machine repaired and the parts library can not be found now, ant advice would be greatly appreciated.

Does anyone have experience with RPS Selective Solder machines?

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 23 18:59:14 EST 2021 | kumarb

Hi. To add to your homework... 1) RPS are from the former team that developed the ACE KISS product line. 2) From brief chats, NORDSON is still building the last versions of the ACE KISS designs while RPS has continued to advance the tool. 3) Anoth

BGA Rework - To Paste or Not to Paste (just Flux)

Electronics Forum | Fri May 07 20:08:39 EDT 2004 | Ken

...um also, don't forget that ther are planarity issues associated with BGA devices AND bow-and-twist issues with PCB materials. An example I have one BGA device that has a ball planarity of 7 mils!!! Ant that's the OEM specification! THis will re

How to measue SMED at SMT

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 04 11:26:17 EDT 2013 | srgbarba

Hi, I'm trying to implement SMED metric at SMT area in order to improve our change over (CO) up to 10min in high mix low volume process, ant at this moment the start and end point is the inspection before the oven, and what I'm trying to figure out i

Juki / Zevatech 740 service manual

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 02 14:14:08 EST 2017 | siltron

Hi Muzzy, We are experiencing a similar issue with our Juki KE750, the machine did not perform zero rutine, some of the ALM4 led in the zeta ant theta drivers are turned on, and the SUB-CPU led "FAIL" is also on, did you mean that when your machine

no tru-hole on wave

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 26 12:26:57 EDT 2000 | Ramon I Garcia C

Hi friends: I have a problem in the process of one PCB, I have a lot of insuficients of solder in top of the board, this pcb already was working good, but sudenly began there isn't flow thru hole, I ran the profile and it was ok, if I inmerse i

Re: flow thru

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 01 15:47:21 EST 1999 | Jim Snipes

Dave thaanks for your quick reply. The flow through probelm exists on several component, Examples; small Tan electolic caps.,electrolic epoxy caps. and one specfic lad on a resistor network. I have veried conveyor speed and readjusted heat sett ings

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