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Re: Intelliplace

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 30 20:32:07 EST 1998 | Dave F

| We are in the process of assessing some medium volume, stand alone SMT Placement systems. Does anyone have any experience with :- | | 1) Europlacer (Specifically the Progress 6 or EP600) | 2) Intelliplace (DHM-120 or SHM-120) | | I have searched

Re: Intelliplace and Europlacer

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 03 07:49:30 EST 1998 | Steve Sauer

Hi Scott, The only information that I have on the Intelliplace machine is that it is their own design unlike the other models (Casio) that they are licensed to sell. As for the other machine (Europlacer Progress 6), I have an extensive background wit

Re: "Superboy" needs HELP

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 25 08:24:13 EDT 1998 | Earl Moon

| Sorry Earl but as Superboy's dad I believe that makes me Superman as we did not remove him from the wreckage of a spacecraft. There is quite a bit involved in the FC process. The Kyushu Matsushita Electric Research Labs has been developing Flip C

Re: "Superboy" needs HELP

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 25 09:08:14 EDT 1998 | Russ Miculich

Thought I'd jump in as I helped develop materials for the FC game. Au/Pb - bumping - talk to Hughes Tuscon about this. They do it and will discuss the process. For Flip Chip Technology here in the States - contact Peter Elenius at Flip Chip Techno


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