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DI cleaner (washer) bath temperature

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 26 19:05:32 EST 2007 | KEN

Is there a typical DI cleaner (washer) bath/ spray temperature? (In-line cleaner) Is there a maximum temperature? I know some parts do tend to have issues like TH electrolytic jackets shrinking. But is there any situations to be aware of? Bacteri

Stencil cleaner

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 23 02:46:48 EST 2007 | Stephen- SMT engineer trainee

Which stencil cleaners are RoHS compliant and cost effective? (We are currently using IPA for stencil cleaning, but there are some problems.So, we suggest to use VIGON SC 200?Is it good for stencil cleaning? Or any other suggestions?)

Batch cleaner

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 30 14:40:20 EDT 2010 | jrr3434

I'm looking into buying a closed loop batch cleaner. I was wondering what the cost of ownership would be. I'm assuming that the filters would be the biggest expense. I would probably be running about 200 boards per week. Any info would be appreciat

Stencil cleaner

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 24 03:19:00 EDT 1998 | Princeton S

I use SMART WIPE for stencil cleaning but it cost too much. Did anyone know any product that cost cheaper? Thanks-princeton S.

Stencil cleaner

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 26 03:43:40 EST 2003 | alwil

We use an alpha metal stencil cleaner and was curious to find out what types of solvents and cleaners were used out there. It takes about 350-400 litres of fluid. I would be interested if there is something water based we could use. What types of ste

Batch cleaner

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 31 18:34:32 EDT 2010 | aqueous

If the batch cleaner is truly closed loop, then 100% of all of the process fluid (water) is captured, filtered (particulate, carbon, resin) and reused. This answer is based on a traditional closed-loop batch cleaning system with an integrated water

Best PCB batch cleaner

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 09 11:13:30 EST 2014 | capse

Cope Assembly Products represents Technical Devices for their well established line of in-line and batch aqueous cleaners. You should give them a look. Our customers are extremely satisfied with their systems. http://www.technicaldev.com/index.html

Ultrasonic stencil cleaner

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 13 17:08:59 EDT 1998 | Jack LaRue

Could someone point me in the direction of or have any info on a basic no frills Ultrasonic cleaner capable of cleaning 20"x20" stencils? Thanks, Jack LaRue jlarue@mail.nortechsys.com

wave finger cleaner solution

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 29 14:20:04 EDT 2008 | jstano

What chemical is everybody using in their wave solder finger cleaner? I have tried IPA as well as some other chemicals. Any suggestions?

Re: Stencil cleaner

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 24 13:45:55 EDT 1998 | Scott Davies

| I use SMART WIPE for stencil cleaning but it cost too much. | Did anyone know any product that cost cheaper? | Thanks-princeton S. We use "SMT Stencil Cleaner" from JNJ Industries. It works great with paste but not 100% with epoxy. It costs us $2

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