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Whats new in 3D AOI?

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 27 08:42:22 EDT 2017 | pvasquez

Hello M. We are a low volume high mix manufacturer with a total of 7 Mirtec AOI machines including a new MV-6 OMNI 3D system. I am very pleased with this machine! When we did our 3D AOI research, my team narrowed the field down to 2 vendors, Mirt

BGA Non-wet (head in pillow)

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 15 16:14:02 EST 2000 | Scott Welle

We are having non-wet (head in pillow) problems with Altera 484's similar to the problems discussed on 10/27 timeframe. Need contacts to those people having similar problems. Will those who had problems with Motorola 357 (ref Chris and Glenn on 10/

Head in Pillow effect BGA

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 16 20:53:56 EDT 2007 | davef

Tell us about: * Temperatures and times of the thermal profile * Where the thermocouples were mounted * Materials involved * Where in the process the 672 BGA component is soldered * Processes that follow that soldering

Whats new in 3D AOI?

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 27 05:45:20 EDT 2017 | pavel_murtishev

methos1979, 1. Mirtec, Marantz 2. Koh Young, Orbotech, Mirtec 3. Koh Young Zenith 4. Definitely Programs for 3D AOI are prepared really faster. Having defined component database, programming takes no more than a couple of hours. Fine tuning takes u

Head in Pillow effect BGA

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 13 09:41:41 EDT 2007 | aj

All, I have an intermittent faut with a 672 BGA where it fails in test but upon applying pressure to the BGA it works. Clearly there is an issue with the wetting of some Balls causing a poor connection. My profile looks spot on - I think I poste

BGA inspection in mass production

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 22 11:31:52 EST 2013 | igorfo

Hi I aa QE on SMT line that produce products for Home introduction. No so long ago we have a problem with soldering of BGA Head on Pillow (root cause mismatching customer requirements and BGA profile spec, suplier change %Ag) and our product affect

Head in Pillow effect BGA

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 13 10:13:30 EDT 2007 | Bob R.

We had a crisis with one BGA causing huge yield losses due to this defect. Nothing we could do with the profile got rid of it. Changing paste didn't get rid of it. It was the BGA warping in reflow, caused the corners to lift up when the solder was

BGA inspection in mass production

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 22 16:55:30 EST 2013 | hegemon

Head and Pillow defects beneath a BGA are difficult to find, no matter what the equipment is on hand. Since you do not appear to have access to tools that would help you, or $$ to purchase said tools, I might recommend that you use an outside source

High complex board manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 02 04:20:27 EST 2009 | emmanueldavid

Glossy/Matte & Plating). 2. Select Solder Paste according to Your Customer or In-House Specifications which is compatible for expected Process. 3. Use Chemical Etch / Electro Polished Stencil with proper Aspect Ratios (AR=>1.5) & Area Ratios(ArR=>0.6

AOI Joint Inspection

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 10 09:34:58 EDT 2008 | dwelch123

We use a Marantz ISpector and as long as you program it correctly, taking into consideration any shadowing from adjacent parts, it does a superb job catching non-solders, head in pillow and insufficients.

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