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Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 20 14:23:50 EDT 2002 | larryk

PizzaFred, Scott mentioned lots of good ideas. Take one of your boards to each vendor and see what it takes to program the board how long it takes for it to become online. I've found some that are easy to program, but require 40 or more assemblies to


Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 19 21:46:01 EDT 2002 | scottefiske

In the past year I was responsible for developing and leading a Team focused on AOI, Evaluation, Justification, and with a full ROI required, supporting a HMLV manufacturing environment. If you have in these economic times the additional resources t

AOI for high mix low -mid volumes

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 16 15:22:27 EDT 1999 | SMTASSY

We are currently looking at purchasing an AOI equipment but would like facts from present users of such equipment. Our envirronment is as followed, - Runs from proto to 5000 boards of the same type. - 20% PTH, 60% Mixed (with some BGA) and the rest

Mirtec aoi

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 01 09:23:27 EDT 2007 | pjc

If you are in the Americas, I'd contact tech support and they should square you away on that high false call rate problem. They have great WebEx training and troubleshooting. www.mirtecusa.com

Mirtec aoi

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 06 06:23:31 EST 2007 | clampron

Good Morning Roger, The Mirtec's can be adjusted to lower your false call rate. This can be done by reducing the matching percentage for each componnent but the result of this action is that the machine becomes less selective. If you lower them too

One Piece Flow ( high mix low volume)

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 03 10:11:20 EDT 2011 | remullis

I am being asked by management to setup one piece flow through every operation. We have SMT,DIP,RAD,AX,MANU,WAVE, Quite a bit of hand soldering, Post Inspection, AOI,CLEANING,BARCODING then out the door. We have rougly 60 different products with most

Through-hole/SM mix

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 12 13:40:56 EDT 2001 | Steve

I need help with a process issue. I am dealing with a board design that is double-sided SM with a couple high density through-hole devices. I want to flow solder the through-hole stuff, so what is the best way to deal with them? Since one of the thro

Dual lane vs. single lane feeders for high mix

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 11 14:09:58 EST 2017 | deanm

Some pick and place machine manufacturers offer dual lane feeders which may double the machine's feeder capacity. What are the pros/cons of using dual lane feeders in a high mix environment? Are they just for 8mm? Thanks!

DEK265 or DEK260 for high mix low volume ???

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 17 14:32:53 EST 2006 | gipos

Hi all, The question for experienced operators: DEK 260 or DEK 265, which one is more suitable for high mix low volume to mate Juki 700 series line ? Is there any specific known issues regarding service, operation, repeatability... ? We have target

Dual lane vs. single lane feeders for high mix

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 13 08:25:37 EST 2017 | emeto

Another aspect is the maintenance and repair of the feeders. When a bank of 10 feeders goes bad, you lose 10 positions right away. Even if you have spares, now you have to move 10 parts instead of 1. Very often you will have only one bad slot, and no

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