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Programming for Pick & Place and AOI machines

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 26 18:42:09 EDT 2017 | unisoft

hi john we have software that we been selling for over 30 years now that programs Pick&Place and AOI machines, etc. from Gerber only data, CAD data or XY rotation files and BOM files. Here are a couple of links: *** ProntoPLACE - Assembly machin


Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 03 11:02:38 EST 2016 | sssvajunas

Helllo, our company using yestesh BX AOI for board inspection. It is problematic to detect component description in characters that is rotated 45 degres (SO8 and other) with marking inspection, maybe someone can help how to fix it? Characters that ro

Implementing AOI

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 08 16:23:05 EST 2010 | mikesewell

I'd think about database structure and programming aspects as well. I'm cleaning up an implementation where the parts were taught as they appeared to the AOI programmer irrespective of the Pick & Place data/libraries. Lots of rotation fixes, parts

Required PCB data for Saki Voyager.

Electronics Forum | Tue May 24 11:31:53 EDT 2022 | joost

We bought a second hand Saki Voyager AOI machine, all the systems seem to be working but I need to import data to start scanning for errors on pcbs. Now we have never worked with an AOI machine and are at a loss What I think I need is: solder past

Which AOI machine ?

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 06 16:49:57 EDT 2019 | jmedernach

HI, The short answer is, "whichever machine finds your defects." I would suggest evaluating machines based on a common vehicle. Make a bad board and identify the defects. Make a good board and have your vendor teach and tune the machine to the goo

Circuit cam and mydata

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 15 18:37:15 EDT 2020 | unisoft

The point here is if you can't get the full CAD files or the XY rotation files and all you get his Gerbers and a BOM. Most all contract manufacturers and some OEM's at some time or another have to deal with Gerber only files. If you find yourself i


Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 09 15:20:19 EDT 2002 | pjc

When you look at the capabilities of Combo machines they tend to sacrifice performance when compared to separate X-ray and AOI machines, meaning they don't do either the X-ray or AOI operations as well as a machine that was designed to do only one. A


Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 16 01:26:31 EDT 2007 | CHITRA K

Many thanks for your reply. We would like to clarify two things; 1. We have recently purchased a vision system with oblique viewing facility to rotate the camera with 40x magnification, which we find useful to inspect fine pitch components . 2. Wh

First Article Inspection, Lower End AOI

Electronics Forum | Wed May 25 17:48:31 EDT 2011 | rssimmons

The SimmScope is an inspection system that uses an overhead digital microsope on a motorized gantry to inspect the board - much like an AOI - except that it does not automatically make the pass/fail decisions. It is up to the operator to make the de

Agilent 5DX

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 29 19:01:51 EST 2009 | stevek

Allow me a contrary viewpoint. I've had these things on my floor and had customers get outsourced evaluations done with them. Most expensive boat anchors I've run across. First the good points: The automated scanning and pattern recognition is go

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