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SMEMA Configuration

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 13 03:17:12 EST 2008 | raranchado

Thank you for the reply AMK, sorry didn't get a chance to check this right away 'cause got side-tracked with other project. Anyway, what do you mean that pins 3&4 may be shorted? All I know that Agilent AOI uses Standard SMEMA configuration.

Smema Fuji to Cyberoptics

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 21 18:02:26 EDT 2008 | aj

Hi all, Has anyone setup smema between Fuji FIP3 m/c and Cyberoptic KS AOI? If so, please share final config. Thanks in advance, aj...

SMEMA Configuration

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 02 02:11:39 EST 2008 | raranchado

We're using a PFC (Product Flow Controller) box by Cogiscan between a conveyor and Agilent SJ-5000 (AOI) and the problem we're having is that when the downline smema cable is connected to the PFC box, the AOI conveyor belt keeps on turning even with

YTV-2000 AOI

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 22 18:22:36 EDT 2011 | garym4569

We have a inline YesTech YTV-2000 in a newly configured SMT line and having issues with the transfer system. Shortly after the unit is put in run mode, the conveyor will turn on and run as if it is attempting to load a pcb even though no pcb availab

Yestech AOI experiences

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 30 21:47:26 EDT 2011 | garym4569

We just installed a YTV2000 and are having issues with the conveyor SMEMA. YesTech tech support seems eager to help, but we have not found a solution. You may give them a call. If your AOI has internet access and depending on the model, tech suppo

YTV-2000 AOI

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 28 18:53:32 EDT 2011 | rway

Make sure your system is not in bypass mode (under conveyor setup). Also, the intermittent SMEMA signal can cause the conveyor to turn on until it times out. Check your sensor on the upstream conveyor. Cover it and check your diagnostics to ensure

Standarts in production line

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 21 10:40:33 EST 2005 | emeto

Hello all, Can you tell me what standart is used for communication between machines in production line. I don't mean SMEMA. There is a standart for machine communication, they can communicate one with another. That is the way for example AOI says th

YTV-2000 AOI

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 28 21:32:06 EDT 2011 | rway

We are using 2.7.7. I have two M1 systems, but the sw is the same. I am not at work at the moment, but I will look tomorrow and let you know. On a side note, the conveyor will run continuously when in bypass mode. It does sound like you have a tra

SMT equipment--cheap/for starter

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 20 19:35:45 EDT 2011 | eadthem

Your kinda vague on your description, How many components per hour, how many circuits per a day, week, month? what kinds and size of parts.? For a PNP setup for smt boards you will need a stencil printer(possibly manual or full auto like a DEK, 1 o


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