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MPM AP Excel

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 24 10:22:02 EDT 2012 | dontfeedphils

Looking for any input from those who may have used MPM's AP Excel model. How does it compare to printers you've used before? I've used Dek 256, and 03i machines as well as a couple of Accuflex models in the past, but never the Excel model. Thanks

Speedline MPM AP HiE

Electronics Forum | Thu May 21 01:52:45 EDT 2015 | aemery

The AP-HIE came with paper manuals. I need to keep my paper manuals and don't have an extra, but the last model of the AP, the AP-Excel, came with manuals in PDF. I could burn a CD and send it to you. The machine use and operation is almost identi

MPM Manual

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 15 17:22:21 EDT 2011 | jorge_quijano

Hello, does anyone can help whith MPM AP Excel spare parts manual, I'm looking for Wiper system parts. Thanks!

MPM spare parts

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 16 22:51:06 EDT 2016 | aemery

Sorry I didn't catch your message sooner! 20k is way to much. The odds of you having 3 bad platens and 3 bad forcer motors would be very unlikely, unless the machine was sitting outside or something. If it is a 10 year old AP then I assume it must

MPM spare parts

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 16 18:24:11 EDT 2016 | aemery

Scratches do not necessarily mean bad! Usually the forcer motor fails before a platen. The motors become weak or don't evenly distribute the supplied air, which causes them to tilt and drive into the platens. Mechanical misalignment of the VY forcer

Lab & Low Volume Reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 13 08:43:02 EST 2009 | herman

reash, Go directly to APS and get one of the APS GF-12 ovens. I have been using these for 15 years as a low-to-medium volume oven for general purpose reflow of CCAs up to about 12" by 12" with excellent results. I use them for BGA re-balling, underfi

MPM AP25 Print Repeatability Problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 17 18:15:39 EDT 2006 | daxman

Hey all, I just though I give you all a quick update. I managed to get the printer working. The problems were a combination of everything that was discussed here. When I adjusted the GS4 pot for the histogram, I turned the wrong one at first. This t

Researching placement machines - where do I start?!

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 20 08:23:13 EST 2009 | jeffreyj

MikeS - Thanks for the tips. Coombs book has been on my "to buy" list for awhile now... Guess I better buck-up and get it. EMPF is an old gem, for sure, but one I had forgotten about, so thanks for that reminder. I couldn't find the SMT 101 guide at


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