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ap25 hie

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 17 18:08:04 EDT 2011 | enttec


ap25 hie

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 17 18:01:42 EDT 2011 | swag

DOS or Windows NT?

ap25 hie

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 15 19:18:14 EDT 2011 | enttec

Hi Does anyone have a calibration manual for a MPM AP25-Hie ? Have noticed recently that we have a slight mismatch between board and stencil when printing. I have the user manual but we didn't get calibration when we bought this machine Thanks Nic

ap25 hie

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 18 17:54:53 EDT 2011 | swag

Yea, it's tough and takes 25 disks. Not sure if there's a better way. As for NT, we bought NT upgrade packages from Speedline for all three of our AP25's. The backup is then done on a CD burner. I can't remember the cost of it all. However, be a

ap25 hie

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 17 16:24:10 EDT 2011 | enttec

Hi Thanks for the reply, which files contain this info ? I've searched around in the filesystem and can't find them

ap25 hie

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 18 17:38:03 EDT 2011 | enttec

Hi Thanks for the info, I'll try that. Can you tell me more about the NT conversion ? Our operators sometimes struggle with doing backups and such on the dos system Thanks

ap25 hie

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 17 10:14:32 EDT 2011 | swag

Do you have cal. fixture(s)? If not, one 1/2 baked way to get yourself closer quickly is to go into your programs and write down your x/y offsets that you've gained during vision offsets while in production. Compare them - hopefully they are very s

ap25 hie

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 18 10:07:59 EDT 2011 | swag

We converted all ours to NT so it's been a long time since I did config changes in DOS. Here's what I think I remember from when we had DOS O/S: Exit to DOS and type CD CONFIG in the command line. You should get a full list of configuration settin

Universal GSM MPM ap25

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 02 11:20:27 EDT 2011 | johnyq

We are new to the Universal GSM machine and MPM ap25 stencil printer. We are in Fort Erie Ont. which is very near Buffalo NY. Would there be anyone in this area with experience with these machines and time to help us with a few issues. We are not str

ap25 hi E solvent menu setting

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 18 11:57:05 EST 2007 | kingfish

I have an AP25 HiE which I am going to use solvent on a perticular job. What are the best settings for the solvent menu?

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