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Need help on selecting the SMT equipment for small volume

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 20 16:49:44 EDT 2005 | Pete Roy

We have two APS Gold ovens and are acheiving an accpetable Lead Free profile. We still have to further qualify board widths/sizes to determine what are limits are and still be within the profile we need. For the most part you need more zones/longer t

Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 02 10:30:35 EDT 2010 | kevslatvin

We used to use an APS Gold GF-120 before we went lead-free and the HT version came out. It worked fine for low volume and proto runs though not as much control over the profile as an oven with more zones. We actually had a batch oven from Bomir befor

Looking to form Users Group

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 15 17:13:48 EST 2003 | Garth

I am looking for owners of the new APS (Automated Production Systems) GoldPlace series pick and place machines (L20, L40, and L60) to form a users group. Contact me at sales@garnetinstruments.com We purchased an L40 last June and an L60 this month.

Reflow oven recommendation

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 12 13:07:45 EST 2010 | G8reflow

Hi, The focal point of my research has been to recommend a reflow oven and develop a process for a small to low-medium production SMT soldering with the following considerations. - Lead-Free - Low to low-medium production - Forced Convection reflow


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