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Aquastorm Motherboard question

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 23 13:14:36 EST 2009 | gregcr

Hi All, I have an aquastorm 100 that I need to upgrade the motherboard in. If anyone has one of these machines could you take a look and see what the MFG & MFG part number of the mother board is. The new board has a FLASH memory drive rather than

Board washer

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 30 14:27:49 EST 2006 | pjc

Not really. A new Electrovert AquaStorm 100, in-line machine, is under $60K, for straight aqueous applications. The batch type from Aqueous Tech are like $35K I believe. $120K would be for a high performance in-line machine, such as the AquaStorm 200

Cookson selling Speedline

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 30 09:35:39 EDT 2003 | jseagle

What do you all think about Cookson trying to sell off their Speedline division? I was just about to purchase an Electrovert Aquastorm 100 but now I am not so sure. Does anyone here have an Austin American in-line wash? Looking for feedback as the

Acrylic Coating De-Wetting?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 25 16:08:52 EDT 2017 | dontfeedphils

I'm currently working on bringing a manual coating process/workcenter online and my QA team is giving me some grief. For background, we're using Humiseal 1B31 thinned with thinner 521, mixed at 1:1 by volume. Spraying through a Binks HVLP with 10 P


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