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Any ideas what this is?

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 17 19:25:47 EDT 2023 | proceng1

Is it an arbor press?

Press fit parts help

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 14 08:27:32 EDT 2014 | kkay

We use a few different style of press fit connectors, terminals, studs, etc. We use a tabletop arbor press for most everything we do, but a lot of times we will see some measling or slight delamination around the holes for the press fit part. Is ther

Press fit parts help

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 14 10:21:44 EDT 2014 | fredc

Accuracy of the arbor press might be made better by tightening the adjustable gibs on the ram if any. If you can use support under the board have the ID of the support just slightly larger than the pins being pressed. Janesville Tool makes an accura

Any ideas what this is?

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 17 19:31:07 EDT 2023 | tey422

It does looks like a arbor press. It's a customized one to be exact, pins there to fits the fixture.

Presse for press-fit connector

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 01 00:52:24 EDT 2005 | adlsmt

Depending on the connector you should be able to use a standard cheap arbor press with some cheap home-made tooling. Standard arbor presses typically have a rotating disc with cut-outs, remove this and put a decent quality stainless steel block in it

press fitting connector

Electronics Forum | Tue May 28 16:19:52 EDT 2002 | zanolli

Hello Floyd, Yes, special tooling is required. The tooling usually consists of a press, push-in tooling and support plate tooling. The presses can range from relatively simple arbor type presses to automated hydraulic presses with sophisticated con

Connector Removal

Electronics Forum | Wed May 29 12:41:46 EDT 2002 | peterson

I'm out here on the leftcoast. Actually, our method for removal is: break down the sides, pull each pin individually. It's tedious and time consuming, but it can be accomplished with little risk of damaging the board. Customers are curious, however.

Press fit parts help

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 14 09:17:09 EDT 2014 | rgduval

You could check the data sheets/web sites from the manufacturers of the press-fit parts. They typically will identify the recommended tooling/equipment necessary to install their components. Generally, pneumatic presses are suggested, with controll


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