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sales rep's in Argentina

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 17 14:31:09 EST 2000 | Scott McAnall

I have been asked to find a sales rep organization in Argentina. Does anyone out there have anyone, we manufacture selective soldering and solderability test systems.

Re: sales rep's in Argentina

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 21 10:02:05 EST 2000 | Alden

You might try the following: Electronica Asesores Felix Cohen Tel: 011-54-1-373-0545 Fax: 011-54-1-373-0542 Macom Juan Pena Tel: 011-54-1-375-5120 Fax: 011-54-1-374-2439

Oven serie 1030 10 zone

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 28 16:55:04 EDT 2011 | vais

Hello friends, I need help, the Ovens series 1030 victronic 10-zone, which is the consumption of N2 (nitrogen), thank you very much, Greetings.- Oscar From Tierra del Fuego Argentina

what AOI buy?

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 03 12:50:48 EDT 2011 | cuervo

thanks Evtimov the problem is that we are a company from Argentina and we have not got a representation of Mirtec, Yestech have a representation but we can read that Mirtec is good and need the experiencie of all that tested these machines

what AOI buy?

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 03 14:33:32 EDT 2011 | cuervo

here in Argentina we have a representative of yestech and vitech, we can see them but we want to have other option and as we have not experiencie in AOI systems we need all your experiencie to help us decide for a good investment.

QUAD 4C mk2 Z axis

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 05 19:00:18 EST 2013 | marcelorotofrance

I found problem, it was a faulty connector on the align processor card. So, Mr. Bobpan, I thank you very much for your invaluable guidance. P.S. My employer has been very clever and have purchased a 18 years old/ 25000 run hours/ third-hand equipmen

Re: sales rep's in Argentina

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 17 21:05:30 EST 2000 | Dave F

Scott: I don't know anyone, but if I had to find one I'd start by trying to finagle leads from either of these guys: Electronics Representatives Association 444 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 1960 Chicago, IL 60611 312.527.3050 Fax 3783 info@era.org ... er


Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 19 20:44:38 EDT 2008 | fede

Hello Gentlemen. Looking for an AOI for my company�s high-mix mid-level production SMT lines; I�ve investigated almost all suppliers. I also read several posts in this forum. I live in Argentina, so it�s very difficult for us to visit their facilit

Panasert MPA 80 NM 2523

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 15 20:56:55 EDT 2013 | marcelorotofrance

At this point all the sensors, switches and solenoid valves were checked. Their electrical signals and actions were phisically checked at the I/O cards level (Panadac 783-065 and 065A). Above mentioned signals were monitored from "I/O Monitor" functi

Quad Align Head

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 03 15:01:47 EST 2013 | marcelorotofrance

Hi, I just returned from vacation, I left some unfinished business I should resume. Our Quad 4c has a broken Align head (I was able to diagnose this problem thanks to the help of mr. Bobpan). Just after my first posting, I was e-mailed by PPM and I r

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