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Selective soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 03 08:43:31 EST 2005 | davef

Just to be careful, confirm this with your equipment supplier. We'd expect you could use argon in place of nitrogen in your selective soldering machine. We figure argon costs about 6X nitrogen. We've seen argon generators on ebay for ~$1000.

Argon Leaking Rate

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 15 09:59:56 EDT 1998 | Miangui Xue

I have a hermetic package with 1 atm of Helium (5% vol.) and Argon (95%) inside. We have detected the helium leaks at 5*e-8 ccatm/sec. My question is what is the leaking rate of argon. Can anybody provide any insight or information to calculate the r


Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 07 16:49:37 EST 2010 | sberg

Currently using 3M 1181 tape. Purchasing has asked to try Argon CF200 tape. Has anyone used the Argon tape and is it worth switching to save a few bucks? Thanks for your input.

Replacement for nitrogen in the reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Wed May 26 23:16:48 EDT 2004 | Ken

Helium is even more expensive than Nitrogen. How about Argon?

Selective soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 25 07:38:25 EST 2005 | John

Can anybody told me,may I use argon instead nitrogen for selective soldering? Thank you? John

Argon Tank for Plasma Treatment

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 03 13:58:25 EDT 2017 | mattmunoz2013

Hello, I am currently in the process of purchasing a plasma chamber for the purpose of activating the surface of flex circuits so that they bond more readily. In addition I need to purchase a gas cylinder for the chamber, specifically one that is a

Gold/Tin Reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 30 15:47:46 EDT 2014 | AK

Thank you SteveO, I have also tried reflow 2nd time without any problem, but I also do not know the impact of long term reliability as our devices are most likely operated in the harsh environment. We are currently do soldering in Argon environment.

Argon Tank for Plasma Treatment

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 06 10:26:55 EST 2017 | capse

I'm a Rep for Nordson March plasma system. Here is what we recommend for the ProVIA systems; O2 = 99.996%; N2 = 99.99%; Ar = 99.999%; H2 = 99.999%

Soldering on Titanium surface

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 10 10:05:07 EST 2003 | davef

We do not have experience soldering to the PVD surface you plan to use. We use Titanium [Ti] stiffeners in wave soldering and our wave equipment manufacturer uses Ti fingers, nozzles, pump blades, and other parts, because solder doesn�t stick to Ti.

COB and wire bond

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 04 19:33:16 EDT 2002 | rob_thomas

Dave's estimation is pretty conservative but there is a lot of equipment out there and a lot of people happy to make a sale.Implementing both mentioned processes it's difficult and time consuming .Even if you get good training from whoever sells you

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