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Stencil Cleaning

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 11 01:32:35 EDT 2010 | ravikumarasahitec

Dear SMT stencil User, I am Ravikumar form Asahitec stencil pvt ltd chennai india. We basically manyfacturing of laser cut stencil (step up/down). and also we are trader of Lint free wiping rolls. The origin manufacturing company supplying all kind

Wave soldering pallet

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 07 10:40:59 EST 2016 | davef

Does your new machine require the use of pallets? Some do not. If so, consider these suppliers to help with your pallet: * Asahitec stencils pvt ltd [http://www.smtnet.com/company/index.cfm?fuseaction=view_company&company_id=52967] * Stentech [http

choosing a type semi-automatic stencil printer

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 23 11:03:20 EDT 2004 | ravi

hi friend, since u are from india, you can choose very good semi-auto printer from EMS Technologies pvt ltd. MK280 one model, good & economical. My working with that m/c i found very good.

choosing a type semi-automatic stencil printer

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 15 07:52:45 EDT 2004 | chandramohan

There are many manufacturers, but if you think of a Indian manufacturer you can choose very good manual printer - Rollo from Synergytech Automation Pvt.Ltd. based in Pune. Rollo has all the features of semi-automatic stencil printer which i think ver

choosing a type semi-automatic stencil printer

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 22 00:14:08 EDT 2004 | snehal acharya

we are in Process controls field we have set up our own SMT line , we have MYDATA TP9-2U Pick & Place M/C & reflow oven & manual printer. since now our product demand is increasing so for enhancement of the quality & for speedy production i wanted to

Solder void underneath the mosfet

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 26 03:24:01 EDT 2010 | ravikumarasahitec

Hi, yes we used to see this kind of problem our customer end. This due to stencil aperture opening.these kind of issues we will overcome thorough our stencil process. please contact. ravikumar@asahitec.in


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