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Re: EDA software ascii formats

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 02 08:30:24 EDT 1999 | Dan

Dave, You can get the ASCII formats directly from PADS, Mentor, and Orcad by becoming partners with them. They each have an alliance program you can join. Check out their websites. OrCAD can output GenCAD data directly now. Dan | Can any one s

MyDATA programming

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 13 13:23:20 EST 2006 | stepheniii

Get a book on effective complaining. Gerbers is not a good way to program. Matching up the designators is but one headache. At the very least try and get centroid data. But try for ascii cad files. Are there any programs that generate gerbers but ca

How Can I generate Pick and place files from Eagle

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 14 09:45:00 EDT 2018 | stephendo

Are you sure you mean pick and place files? Or does the manufacturer need centroid data to make their own pick and place files? Or they might even be able to use ascii CAD data to generate pick and place files. Look for an export function. Probably

Pick and Place vs CAD File

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 22 14:01:23 EDT 2017 | slthomas

In my experience the main advantage of the ASCII CAD format is that it combines the centroid data, rotations, and package information for your CAM software (at least it does for what we use) to draw the part shapes into the visual assembly aids. If

Programming Mydata

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 09 12:12:41 EST 2009 | mcmark

Same here, I've been programming Mydata placement machines using CircuitCAM since 1999, at 2 companies. With an ASCII CAD file imported and simple BOM scrubbing, we can get programs directly output to our Mydatas in less than 5 minutes. Developing as

Re: Quad IIc, Autoprogram

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 25 18:58:10 EDT 2000 | Bob Miklosey

I am very familiar with AutoProgram and understand the default import formats for the software. AutoProgram wants a centroid file containing part number, ref des., X, Y, and theta. AutoProgram will not directly import an ASCII cad file. However, Ci

Centroid Data (or lack of it)

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 16 07:55:56 EST 2010 | rgduval

Aegis Industrial Softwares CircuitCAM can import a gerber file, and allow you to establish a pick and place program from it. It can also take a scanned image of the actual board to do this. It's a moderately painful process; but it is doable. Circ

Convertion Gerber to P&P data

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 12 01:07:34 EST 2006 | pavel_murtishev

Good morning Mark, CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) products are designed to solve such tasks. You can try CAM350 for example. CAM350 understands different ASCII exported data from different CAD systems. CAD ASCII export contains all necessary inf

x-y data generation

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 08 15:10:15 EDT 2005 | BoB

Try Aegis or Unicam they both sell a pretty good Cad/Gerber/Ascii converter for most SMT equipment

SMT/Thru hole key cards

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 28 09:24:13 EDT 2006 | jax

1. What part of the time is spent Creating Visual Aids? Unless you are digitizing the gerber files for everything, why would you have to modify/re-label the referance designator info? (Part#-Ref.ID is color coded) If you are digitizing th

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