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Tray size

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 12 17:10:41 EDT 2002 | davef

Consider: * Finding JEDEC [ http://www.eia.org/jedec/ ] publication that includes matrix trays is: �JEDEC Publication No.95 Registered and Standard Outlines for Solid State and Related Products�. * Contacting tray manufacturers [ie, Peak, Summit, Nep

No Clean Selective Solder

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 02 11:48:23 EDT 2002 | johnw

I can't think of any off hand other than the Ersa which is massive and from when I used it a pain in the A*SE to program and keep programmed, you always seem to have to baby sit it. I bet if you asked you could get one, the problem is that forced con

QFN's and LGA's

Electronics Forum | Tue May 26 14:39:40 EDT 2009 | boloxis

QFN or MLFs are mainstream now, QFNs already evloved to much more complex versions now like matrix pins, stacked dice and flipchip versions. IPC 610D already includes them, just make sure the pins have solder plating, the PWB pads have soldermask in


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