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Need manual for Asys board handling machines

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 06 05:04:45 EDT 2021 | oxygensmd

Hello Everyone, I am looking for manual for the following equipments: Asys MPS 50D (mag buffer), Asys TDM 03 (telescoping conveyor), Asys AES01 (1mag loader), Asys LSB 03 (stacker). I hope you can help.

ASYS Destacker and Buffer user manual

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 30 10:33:59 EDT 2020 | makersan

Hello to everyone, If you have the user manual for ASYS LSB 03 and ASYS PS 30 models, can you share it?

Re: who makes the best conveyor??

Electronics Forum | Thu May 25 08:04:54 EDT 2000 | Mulitze

If you�re interested in new conveyers, contact ASYS via http://www.asys.de They offer a service in Europe and USA. Another worldwide company is JOT, contact via http://www.jot.fi (Homepage is in english) Best regards Bernhard

Router Manufacturers

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 07 15:40:28 EST 2005 | pjc

These are semi-automatic and fully automatic mfrs.: http://www.cencorp.com/cencorp/depaneling/ http://www.automation.tycoelectronics.com/depanel.stm http://www.asys-llc.com/asys-llc/index_us.htm http://www.seikausa.com/products/sayaka/

Asys Router

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 12 10:50:50 EST 2008 | leeg

We currently are using a Asys Router NTM4133 and are experiencing a few issues, doesn anyone know of a UK based service support for this machine?

Asys Router Error

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 17 11:35:29 EST 2009 | leeg

I have a problem with an Asys router whereby it says that I have a tool exchange error. Anyone any ideas how to get it to do an auto tool change?

ASYS accsess codes

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 24 12:27:32 EST 2009 | ch

Hi All! Did anyone knows access codes for asys conveyors TRM-03 and AMS-05 and how this codes can be readed? I need to change some system settings. Thanks.

ASYS accsess codes

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 24 12:37:40 EST 2009 | allan99

Dear friend, it makes a long time I don�t use asys equipments, but on that time the code was 911. Try and give a feedback.

Reel To Reel SMT

Electronics Forum | Thu May 18 09:57:00 EDT 2017 | capse

Full disclosure, I'm the ASYS Rep in the SE USA. ASYS offers and has installations of reel to reel SMT process lines.

Asys TRM-02 error codes

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 25 06:47:06 EDT 2017 | lm_tech

I have an Asys TRM-02 that is displaying an error code on it and was wondering if someone had a list of codes for this model of machine. It is displaying "Modul 00 Off"

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