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Gel Flex Tooling

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 03 19:56:56 EDT 2004 | Ken

Now that is creative! I going to talk to my machinist. I need a bar of aluminum machined to accept 24 pigs (ass up of course). Then I need a "squeezing" mechanism to apply a proportional pressure to the pigs abdomen to make the "ass gel" support t

Boards getting

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 12 20:26:27 EDT 2005 | dorklover664

Run on the "mesh" for the first side. Then on the chain of the second. It's a quick fix for a pain in the ass problem.


Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 25 18:00:37 EST 2007 | chrisgriffin

Chunks kicks ass. You should listen to her.

advice on selecting ATE/ICT

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 21 11:43:34 EDT 2007 | chef

Thanx Dave- yep- back in the saddle again- kickin' ass, takin' names- should be fun


Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 17 22:08:33 EDT 2009 | larob57

another smart ass


Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 17 22:09:32 EDT 2009 | larob57

smart ass

gpu removal

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 17 15:10:31 EDT 2009 | larob57

what I tell ya Another smart ASS

Re: BS

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 02 01:31:07 EDT 2000 | Earl Moon

More eloquence and cowardice. In the words of Dave F "what a maroon!" Another noname without the intelligence or conviction to offer a good response or even a name. And the forum continues its self degradation. Pompous MoonAssMan Boogie

Land pattern design

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 01 17:32:13 EST 2001 | davef

"small" versus "LARGE" parts? Jeez, what do I know? We don�t have a formal definition. They�re the ones that make you say: �Now, that�s a BIG-ass part!!!� �nominal� versus �maximum�? Yes, yer correct.

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