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BGA assemble

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 05 16:41:05 EDT 2000 | Sergio Vito

We are starting to assemble an BGA-225. To assembly only 20 prototype (1 BGA per PCB) is it necessaray buy equipaments for inspection? Like x-ray? Can someone sugest especial carefull to assembly this CI? Thanks in advance!

BGA assemble

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 30 16:35:20 EST 2001 | cliff_bockard

ERSASCOPE Inspection System 3000 www.ersascope.com

Re: BGA assemble

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 06 08:22:05 EDT 2000 | jackofalltrades

BGA's are not difficult, but should be inspected no matter how careful you are. Here we have been doing bga's forever and x-ray 100%. Without an x-ray there is no good way to ensure the BGA is placed properly, without bridging or insufficients. If yo

Re: BGA assemble

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 10 04:10:43 EDT 2000 | Tanu

Hi, Jacko is right!BGA ispection equipment like Xrays are extream expensive if you want a good system. There is some xrays that you can have low cost but if you are planning to do superBGA�s or want better image you need atleast 80-100Kv with good r

how to assemble the blade on the PCB separator

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 28 02:49:24 EDT 2017 | summertang

PCB Separator assemble manual for you

how to assemble the blade on the PCB separator

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 28 08:58:25 EDT 2017 | sumote

Which one? I have used a HEKTOR. The blade, from what I remember, was held in place with a couple of guide rails and 1 socket head cap screw. Simple, easy, and worked like a champ.

Venezuelan company looking to assemble a PCB Factory

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 20 19:01:26 EDT 2010 | varivenca

VARIVEN,C.A, is a newly emerging company in the electronics field. Variven was established in 2009 to take care of design, repair and maintainance of pcb cards and electronic machinery for oil companies. As of now we are creating basic boards for o

Selective Assembly

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 10 13:07:10 EDT 2013 | pankajp

Hi, i am new to PCB Assembly. I am told that to assemble PCB in attachment, selective assembly is required. Can someone, in this forum, let me know what is "Selective Assembly" line? Any information and equipment vendor suggestion in this regard i

Flex PCB through production

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 15 22:05:09 EST 2019 | alanyang

Flexible circuits assembly is different from rigid board assembly. For some manfacturers, fpc assembly are some things more painful because the assembly quality is unstable. Recommend to check and hope these 2 blogs are helpful. Flexible Circuit Asse

Is there any good service in China for PCB assembly?

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 18 12:15:03 EDT 2018 | teresat2

The numerous traits of an electronic assembly comprise high volume assembly, BGA, AOI and 3 dimensional solder paste inspection. The value incorporated features of these assembly services comprise low loss, blended technology assembly, many layer, du

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