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smt prototype station

Nov 18, 2004 | Hi, Our company is specialized for design and we have in house assembly shop too. So we are one o

Wash machine settings

Nov 13, 2004 |

Via in Pad Production

Nov 11, 2004 |

Via in Pad Production

Nov 10, 2004 |

Immersion of PWB

Nov 6, 2004 | In addition, if PBA is assembled by No Clean paste or flux, you could have some color changes un PCB

Timer circuit design?

Oct 8, 2004 | 555 is a very useful and popular device. See, we're mostly a bunch of gearheads that assemble elect

Lead Protrusion

Sep 22, 2004 | We use a chunkee trimmer in prep. Cut bend and form all thru hole parts before first assembly.

Electromigration Testing

Sep 15, 2004 |

Mydata off-line programming

Sep 1, 2004 | Have you looked at the Assembly Module programming system by Smart Sonic?


Aug 16, 2004 |



Stack up Analysis

Aug 5, 2004 |

Solid Solder Deposit

Aug 3, 2004 |

Torque Setting

Aug 2, 2004 | You might also want to check out the web site for Assembly Magazine. I have not checked it lately, b

Lead-Free Finish Boards and Components

Jul 7, 2004 | Here's more on controlling the type of solder used in the assembly shop.

Hyper BGA and Super BGA

Jul 2, 2004 |

LSP profile

Jun 7, 2004 | Me too. Check out this months Circuits Assembly. Dage has an interesting article about voiding as

smt basics

Apr 29, 2004 | Depends how much money you have in your budget. You have to break down your assembly into the diffe

Immersion Silver Reliability

Apr 20, 2004 | 1. Which manufacturers have proven the immersion silver is reliable after solder joint assembly? 2

Fuji Flexa

Apr 14, 2004 |

AMP SMT Connector

Apr 13, 2004 | Hi Steve, Could it possibly be a coplanarity problem? I have assembled hundreds of SMT connectors

depanelisation of IMS board

Mar 31, 2004 | dear all, we prepare ourself to assembly IMS board The PCB design with V cut How to depanelisy

Ionic washing

Mar 18, 2004 | Water wash cleaning with a deionized water rise is used for bare boards and assemblies [and probably


Mar 18, 2004 | Mike we make electronics assemblies for military and commercial aircraft sector. We are genrally

room for SMT

Mar 3, 2004 |

LGA design

Feb 11, 2004 | I'm looking for input from anyone who has experience assembling the LGA package on PCBs. Design, st

Post reflow solder joint inspection

Feb 2, 2004 | 90% of the assemblies our company produces are class 3 and we have no problem at all inspecting or g

Lead free soldering

Jan 13, 2004 |


Dec 30, 2003 | Kleenox "P" is manufactured for Electrovert Assembly and Production aids >part # OR-904P >Speedlin

UL 508A Implementation

Dec 17, 2003 |

claning PCB

Dec 4, 2003 | Hallo We are going to clean PCb after assembly (SMD and THT) due to conformal coating. It is smal

SMD Double Splice Tape

Dec 2, 2003 | Assembl�on America sells the SMD double splice tape you reference under part# 9469.930.74000. To or


Nov 21, 2003 |

speedline sale

Nov 7, 2003 | rumor has it they are moving some of their assembly operations to franklin from camdenton and closin

Batch Cleaners

Oct 17, 2003 | we will be using water soluble solder paste. cleaning will be for smt assemblies only. waste water

MPM Accuflex

Oct 6, 2003 |

BGA Bowing on the corners.

Aug 22, 2003 | I am placing a plastic Cypress, 256 pin BGA on a small assembly, and I cannot stop the corners from

Conformal Coating Removal

Aug 21, 2003 | Can anybody refer me to a company that does conformal coating removal service of assembled PCBs. The


Aug 15, 2003 | Contact John Sprovieri at "Assembly Magazine" [ ]. He wrote an article

Mfg Rep - Conflict of Interest

Aug 6, 2003 | Yes it is a conflict of interest. If the rep in question is also calling on other contract Assembly


Jun 12, 2003 |

Reflow Oven

Small Parts Tips