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Nov 18, 2005 |


Nov 17, 2005 |

IPC Training DVDs

Nov 14, 2005 | Has anyone bought the entire assembly library? I was considering it for this years budget. I am afra

LF Board identification

Nov 2, 2005 |

class 3 filet height

Oct 27, 2005 | Nearly all of our assemblies have to meet class 3 requirements and we regularly use 5 and 6 mil sten

Tin Whisker Testing

Oct 11, 2005 |

failure of ESD sensitive chips

Oct 10, 2005 | Have you checked the devices to ensure that they are working correctly before assembly? They may

Conathane CE 1155-35 Conformal Coating Issues

Sep 27, 2005 | surface tension of solder mask material on the board. Need to rough it up prior to board assembly. U

Scrap criteria

Sep 20, 2005 |

BTU link fail

Sep 16, 2005 |

Cleaning before Conformal Coating

Sep 9, 2005 | The hand assembled part is soldered in? If so, the white residue may be from the operator using som

solder strength

Sep 2, 2005 | One of our customers picked up an assembly, dropped it on a concrete floor, then kicked it down the

Used Equipment from China

Aug 15, 2005 |

SMT Programming

Aug 8, 2005 |

Quoting New Jobs

Jul 26, 2005 | Guys, I have very little experience in quoting for new jobs on an automated assembly line . Ca

Lead presence testing

Jul 21, 2005 |

WEEE and ROHS any news ?

Jun 29, 2005 |

Cleanroom Basics

Jun 24, 2005 | Good point. I am thinking of adding a small "mudroom" before you enter the main assembly room. There

Plating Integrity

Jun 16, 2005 | Chris As you imply, testing board and component solderability prior to assembly is preferred. *

BGA pad size

Jun 14, 2005 | You can find useful informations also on last review of IPC-7085 : Design and Assembly Process Imp

Reflow Pallet hardware

May 25, 2005 | Send your gerber data to the above mentioned or any other pallet Mfgr. If the assembly is designed

A Meaty one for you clever guys in production

May 17, 2005 | Are you aiming to do: * Line balancing * Product scheduling between multiple assembly lines

Peelable Masking

May 11, 2005 |

Cleaning of PCBA's

Apr 14, 2005 | boards greater than this spec. can cause latent failure, Do not confuse no-clean assembly materials

Product Traveler

Apr 8, 2005 | We put the following on our travelers: Finished Assembly Part # Date Started (@ Bottom SMT) Dat

Outsourcing costs

Apr 4, 2005 | Hi, I have always wondered how contract SMT assemblers work out the cost to build products. Do th

Dye and Pry Process

Apr 1, 2005 | Hi, I would like to understand more about dye and pry process for BGA assembly. Can anyone provide

CSP No clean residue

Mar 16, 2005 | What is the joint stand-off gap anticipated after the board level assembly and reflow? If it is desi

Reflowing large aluminum electro. caps

Mar 3, 2005 | This sounds like you are using a straight ramp profile. For this type of an assembly you may need t

Fine pitch & PCB finish

Feb 21, 2005 | Assembling boards with 12 pitch are very difficult to control. We like flat surfaces on boards wi

SMT Production

Feb 9, 2005 | Has anyone taken any classes in SMT assembly that can highly recommend? We are looking for a class t

Lead Free Substrate

Feb 2, 2005 | I would call it conservative, but definitely recommended. It sort of depends on your assembly desig


Dec 30, 2004 | I believe at some point the Govt lowered the depreciation schedule for electronics assembly equipmen

Storage Conditions

Dec 15, 2004 |


Dec 3, 2004 | Voids are quite common. You just need to make sure that it is not excessive per your assembly criter

smt prototype station

Nov 18, 2004 | Hi, Our company is specialized for design and we have in house assembly shop too. So we are one o

Wash machine settings

Nov 13, 2004 |

fluid dispensing pumps for integration

Large PCB Dispensing System