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SMT Machines

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 17 10:09:34 EDT 2004 | Phil Z

From my perspective, regardless of the size of your company, you want the best value for your money and latest, greatest in innovation. For pick and place, while Mydata, Siemens and Assembleon/Yamaha all have some cool and worthy concepts and worth e

i have to buy one NXT from Fuji What do you think???

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 15 07:12:20 EST 2004 | vinitverma

Does Serge need bacons or turkeys?? None of them?? Then let him think about which machine suits his requirements! Throughput, flexibility, large board handling, output derating across board size variation and component size variation! Future proof -

Samsung SM320 VS Assembleon 8 head Opal XII

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 16 06:39:15 EST 2005 | rlackey

I know that you were very specific in your email about your choices, but have you not thought of adding a faster Mydata? You would negate the learning curve on operations & maintenance, have spare feeders, & be able to transfer programs over. Regard

Typical SMT Machine changeover times?

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 29 03:40:06 EST 2006 | Frank

The Juki 2060 can have both front and rear trolleys and you do not loose any feeder locations. My question was why can't the Assembleon put trolley on the rear? I recently visited a friend at a company that used a lot of Assembleon and compared run

APEX Venue!!

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 07 15:38:53 EST 2007 | Michael Konrad

I know Los Angeles was not a favorite destination for many visitors but some facts remain clear: APEX Southern California featured 446 exhibitors in 161,400 square feet of exhibition hall. APEX Southern California had a total of 5,087 verified at

Yamaha or Europlacer?

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 13 11:22:17 EST 2015 | slarochellesmt

I can offer some background on the IINEO II as I feel it is much better than the Yamaha. I currently have 3 IINEO IIs in production that replaced 3 Assembleon lines. The IINEOs handle quick changeovers better than any SMT line that I have used to d

Yamaha or Europlacer?

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 09 12:52:38 EDT 2015 | brianbrl

Hi, I had Assembleon machines for many years, and worked through a total of nine of them. Three years ago we began to look at the short-comings we had, based on the machines capabilities. We started to look for a new SMT platform that could improve

Solder paste amount

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 16 09:23:26 EST 2001 | P.Gerits

Hello, Standard way to calculate stencil design can be done as follows: A normal ratio of aperture width/stencil thickness = 1.5 for pitches below 650u A normal ratio of stencil aperture width against pad width = 0.8-0.9 (or stencil aperture 10%-20

QP-132E // FCM 2

Electronics Forum | Fri May 31 16:16:42 EDT 2002 | Ozzy

Does Fuji even make the QP-132 anymore? I have not seen it at Apex for the past 2-3 years. This "inflexible" dinosaur was a commercial disaster for Fuji. Philips/Assembleon has sold countless more FCM than Fuji QP-132. The problem with both machines

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