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Valor and Assembleon

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 18 05:40:18 EST 2004 | JB

Has someone some experience whit the combination of Valor and Assembleon machines (Topaz and Emerald).

Assembleon MG-1 and ATS

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 10 20:52:57 EST 2022 | compit

I have Emerald-X with Double Shuttle Tray Feeder. Can it be connected (DSTF, probably PA 2699/22) to the MG-1?

Yamaha pick and place

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 10 02:57:53 EDT 2018 | rob

Yes I would, most of our old Yamaha machines (before 2005) will do 30-35 microns @ 3 sigma with the fine camera option. Our Jukis with His res camera's will hit it too. You should be OK with most things after 1997 with the right camera choice (whic

Block repeat and fiducial relation

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 19 13:35:51 EDT 2008 | stefi

Hello, I need an advice regarding the next issue: in the case of Assembleon Topaz or Emerald SMT machines, is there necessary to teach first the block repeat coordinates and after that the PCB fiducial coordinates when you do not have these coordina

First time Pick and Place Machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 21 14:47:53 EDT 2017 | sumote

I commend you for doing your diligence. It sounds like you have a solid plan, and a few decisions to make. I have used Assembleon machines before, a Topaz X and a Emerald X. They seem to be a good compromise between speed and cost. If you are close

First time Pick and Place Machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 18 11:16:33 EDT 2017 | svfeingold

Found it, it appears to be 15mm. I received a reply from K&S (Kulicke & Soffa) who support the Assembleon machines. They say they do offer full support and training. The support offer is $7,500 per machine for the first year, including: * Annual a


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