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[REQ] Assembleon AX-201 manual

Electronics Forum | Tue May 09 13:27:30 EDT 2017 | s_marius

I am looking for manual of AX201 in digital format. Any additional information are welcome.

Assembleon/Philips/Kulicke & Soffa AX201 Optimizer software

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 31 19:30:24 EDT 2022 | ninevoltz

We recently bought three used AX201 machines and a copy of Siemens Valor Process Preparation NPI software to program them. Does anyone have a copy of the K&S Optimizer software that connects with Valor to generate the NC program and run Virtual Stick

I need suggestions on which low-medium volume pick and place capable of running 0201 / 01005 components I should buy.

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 13 02:30:24 EST 2013 | Poul

Well the Assembleon AX201 could be a good choice in your case. Good hunting for new system /poul

Assembleon/Philips/Kulicke & Soffa AX201 Optimizer software

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 01 18:12:56 EDT 2022 | ninevoltz

I just contacted Trans-Tec and they told me they only support the Assembleon branded Yamaha machines, not the AX series.

Assembleon/Philips/Kulicke & Soffa AX201 Optimizer software

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 02 04:09:46 EDT 2022 | sophyluo1985

Hi, try to contact our GOLDLAND company, our engineers may be able to help you. I will inform him, his email is: sales07@goldlandsmt.com

Assembleon/Philips/Kulicke & Soffa AX201 Optimizer software

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 05 01:38:25 EDT 2022 | sarason

Send me some files and I will see if I can add it to PCBSynergy. Email is on the Webpage . sarason

Need opinions on equipment for picking and placing truly odd types of components

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 20 07:14:10 EDT 2013 | vinitverma

Assembleon AX201 is one of the most accurate odd-form placer. It can place anything, including leaded transformers, press-fit connectors, and of course odd form SMT components. You can even use a gripper nozzle for components without a flat surface t

Assembleon/Philips/Kulicke & Soffa AX201 Optimizer software

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 01 14:33:07 EDT 2022 | glasscake

Try contacting the guys at https://trans-tec-america.com/ Transtech. They may not have the newest version of the software but they most definitely have "Advanced Manufacturing Suite 2.0" which can make XML files that should work on the newer machines

Best Fluid For P&P Nozzle Cleaning

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 07 08:10:54 EST 2017 | smtpatrick

I have a number of nozzles for an Assembléon AX-201 that have been allowed to become clogged with old, dried-out solder paste. I am thinking of using an ultrasonic tank in an attempt to clean them for re-use, but I am concerned that isopropyl alcoho

Panasonic p&p programming

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 06 14:59:50 EST 2007 | ch

Hi All! Thinking about purchasing 2nd user Panasonic p&p machines (CM88s-M1 or MSR series...) but I didn�t know anything about it�s programming. So, I wonder do I have to use any off-line software by anyway or it is possible just to load centroid dat

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